The University Record, October 28, 1998

Bollinger to move to Angell Hall in 2000

Editor’s Note: The following statement from President Lee C. Bollinger was e-mailed this past weekend to individuals in the Fleming Building and Angell Hall and members of the LS&A administration.

Some may recall that one of my early pronouncements involved an intention to move out of the Fleming Building into somewhat friendlier and more accessible quarters. That was the easy part. After extensive review of existing space and the needs of other parts of the University, it is now finally possible to announce that a good part of the central administration that is now located in the Fleming Building (how much remains to be worked through) will move to the first and second floors of the north wing of Angell Hall. With good fortune, we may actually accomplish the move early in the year 2000.

The north wing of Angell Hall now houses LS&A administrative offices, which actually are better situated in the LS&A Building across the street. Their move will, in turn, lead us to solve the longstanding problems of finding better space for our academic departments of anthropology and statistics. Provost Cantor and Interim Dean Gurin will speak more directly to these potential additional moves.

I am hopeful that this will work well for everyone concerned, and I’m grateful to all those who have helped to bring us to a workable plan.


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