The University Record, October 28, 1998





Wednesday, October 28

*Turner Geriatrics Ctr—Flu vaccination, 2-4 pm, Turner Ctr, 764-2556.

Thursday, October 29

CP&P—Graduate School Information Fair, 11 am-3 pm, Michigan Union Ballroom, 764-7460.

Friday, October 30

U-M-Flint—Community Halloween Party, 6-10 pm, Mich Rms A-C, UCEN, (810) 762-3431.

Art & Design Sch—Reception for Work Works by Charles & Ray Eames, 5:30 pm, Slusser Gallery, 763-4417.

Saturday, October 31

*Exhibit Museum—Diamond in the Sky, 10:30 & 11:30 am, 1:30 & 2:30 pm, 764-0478.

*Exhibit Museum—Family Halloween Party, 6:30-8 p.m., 764-0478.

*Exhibit Museum—Light Years from Andromeda, 12:30 & 3:30 pm, 764-0478.

Sunday, November 1

Matthaei—Winter’s Coming: How Nature Prepares, tour, lobby, 1 pm, 998-07061.

*Exhibit Museum—Diamond in the Sky, 1:30 & 2:30 pm, 764-0478.

Matthaei—Interesting Plants From Around the World conservatory tour, 2 pm, 998-07061.

*Hillel—Israeli Dancing, 7:30-10 pm, 769-0500.

*Exhibit Museum—Light Years from Andromeda, 3:30 pm, 764-0478.

Tuesday, November 3

Hillel—Parsha and pizza, 6-7 pm, 769-0500.

Wednesday, November 4

U-M-Dearborn—Fatina (Belly Dancing), 11 am-12:30 pm, Univ Mall Stage, (313) 593-5416.

Friday, November 6

Hillel—E Cosgrove, Jewish Theological Seminary Info Day, by appt, 769-0500.

Hillel—Jewish Women’s Forum potluck dinner, 7:30 pm, 769-0500.


Arts and Entertainment


Wednesday, October 28

Museum of Art—Art Video: Dorothea Lang: Under the Trees, 12:10 pm, Media Rm, 764-0395.

U-M-Flint—Composition recital with Mark Bolton, 7:30 pm, 164 CROB, (810) 762-3377.

U-M-Flint—Concert: Jady Kurrent Dance Band, noon-1pm, Clint’s Café, (810) 762-3431.

Music Sch— Faculty Recital, E Blondahl Bengtsson, cello, & A Nel, piano, 8 pm, Mendelssohn Theatre, 764-0594.

Pierpont Commons—Open Mic Night, 8-10 pm, Leonardo’s, 764-7544.

Thursday, October 29

Museum of Art—Art Video: Dorothea Lang: Under the Trees, 7:30 pm, Media Rm, 764-0395.

Gifts of Art—G Ross, Electric guitar, 12:10 pm, Fl 1 Lobby, Univ Hospital, 936-ARTS.

English Dept—Writers’ Harvest for Share Our Strength, 5 pm, Rackham Amphi, 764-6296.

Friday, October 30

Music Sch— Faculty Recital, L Skelton, piano, 8 pm, Britton Recital Hall, 764-0594.

Japanese Studies—Film: Summer in Narita, 7 pm, Lorch Hall Aud, 764-6307.

*Univ Mus Soc—La Capella Reial de Catalunya & Hesperion XX, 8 pm, St Francis Church, 764-2538.

*Music Sch—Opera: The Shattered Mirror, 7:30 pm, Video Studio, Media Union, 764-0594.

Saturday, October 31

Music Sch—Bandorama, 7:30 pm, Hill Aud, 763-2556.

Sunday, November 1

MESA—Chris Crazy Legs Fonseca, 7:30 pm, Trotter House, 763-9044.

Univ Mus Soc—Michigan Chamber Players, 4 pm, Rackham Aud, 764-2538.

Monday, November 2

*Univ Mus Soc—Kirov Orchestra of St. Petersburg, 8 pm, Hill Aud, 764-2538.

CREES—V Gergiev, conductor, Kirov Orchestra, Open rehearsal & interview, 1-3 pm, Hill Aud, 764-0351.

Hillel—Play: Excuse Me Waiter, There’s Love in My Sex, 9 pm, East Quad, 769-0500, ext. 433.

Pierpont Commons—Randy Napoleon Quartet, 8-10 pm, Leonardo’s, 764-7544.

Tuesday, November 3

Music School—Trombone Studio Recital, 6:30 pm, Britton Recital Hall, 764-0583.

Wednesday, November 4

Museum of Art—Art Video: The Age of Reason, An Age of Passion, 12:10 pm, Media Rm, 764-0395.

U-M Dearborn—Film: Out of Sight, 7:30 pm, Rec & Organization Ctr, (313) 593-5668.

Thursday, November 5

U-M Dearborn—Film: Out of Sight, 7:30 pm, Rec & Organization Ctr, (313) 593-5668.

Museum of Art—Art Video: The Age of Reason, An Age of Passion, 7:30 pm, Media Rm, 764-0395.

Pierpont Commons—Jazz Concert Series, 8-10 pm, Leonardo’s, 764-7544.

Gifts of Art—Jazz Tap Summit, 12:10 pm, Univ Hospital Lobby, Fl 1, 936-ARTS.

English Dept—Thylias Moss, Memoir & Poetry Reading, 5 pm, Rackham Amphi, 764-6296.

*Univ Mus Soc—Vienna Virtuosi, 8 pm, Rackham Aud, 764-2538.

Friday, November 6

Music School—Faculty Recital, 8 pm, Britton Recital Hall, 764-0583.

Japanese Studies—Film: She and He, 7 pm, Lorch Hall Aud, 764-6307.

Chinese Studies—Film: Comrades: Almost a Love Story, 8 pm, Aud A, Angell Hall, 764-7084.

*Mich League Friends—Murder in the Vandenberg Room, 7 pm, 647-7463.

*Music School—Peter Sparling Dance Company, 8 pm, Media Union Video Studio, 747-8850.

Pierpont Commons—Winner’s Gig, 8-10 pm, Leonardo’s, 764-7544.

CAAS--R Woods, Intruders in the Ivory Tower, 12:10-1 pm, Rm 109, West Hall, 764-5513.


*HRD, 764-7410, reg req

2030 Administrative Services Bldg.


Wednesday, November 4

*Basic Customer Service Skills, 8:30-10:30 am.

*Delegating for Results, 8:30 am-noon.

*Writing It Right: Grammar, 1-4 pm.

Friday, November 6

*Estate Planning, 8:30-10:30 am.

*Dispute Resolution for Managers & Supervisors, 8 am-noon.


ITD, 763-3700, all in 1008 NUBS

unless otherwise noted, reg req


Wednesday, October 28

*SAS Introduction (Part 8), 8:30-10:30 am, NI3F30, NIB.

*Word Q & A, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, NI3F30, NIB.

*Internet Navigation with Netscape I, 1-3 pm, ICB, 201 E Hoover.

*AppleShare IP Administration, 1-5 pm.

*Internet Navigation with Netscape II, 3-5 pm, ICB, 201 E Hoover.

Thursday, October 29

*Excel Intermediate, 8:30 am-12:30 pm, ICB, 201 E Hoover.

*WWW HTML Authoring Intro, 1-3 pm, NI3F30, NIB.

*Access Introduction, 1-5 pm.

*WWW HTML Authoring Intermed, 3-5 pm, NI3F30, NIB.

Saturday, October 31

*Excel Introduction, 8:30 am-12:30 pm.

Monday, November 2

*BrioQuery (Part 1), 8:30 am-4:30 pm, ICB, 201 E Hoover.

*SAS Introduction (Part 9), 8:30-10:30 am, NI3F30, NIB.

*Windows 95/NT Introduction FAST PACE, 10 am-noon, 3358C/D Media Union.

Data Access-Procurement Data, 1-5 pm.

Tuesday, November 3

*BrioQuery (Part 2), 8:30 am-4:30 pm, ICB, 201 E Hoover.

Computing Fundamentals at U-M, 8:30-10:30 am.

*FileMaker Pro Summary Reports, 10:30 am-12:30 pm.

Wednesday, November 4

*Word Introduction, 9 am-noon, 3358C/D Media Union.

Data Access-Student (SDS) Data, 1-4 pm.

Thursday, November 5

*Word Intermediate, 8:30 am-12:30 pm.

*FileMaker Pro Web Publishing, 1-3 pm.

*WWW HTML Q & A, 3-5 pm.

Friday, November 6

*Project, 8:30 am-12:30 pm.




Wednesday, October 28

Latin American/Carribbean Std—D Pedersen, Money, Movement, Meaning: U.S. & El Salvador since the 1980s, noon, Rm 2609, Social Work Bldg, 763-0553.

CAUP—R Beckley, Getting a Life in Architecture, 12:30 pm, Art & Arch Lecture Hall, 615-0431.

Psychiatry Dept—T Ketter, Brain Imaging Studies of Emotion and Mood in Health and in Mood Disorders, 10:30-noon, MCHC Aud, 936-5891.

CREES—J Hellbeck, Writing the Illiberal Self: Soviet Diaries from the Stalin Era, noon, Rm 1636, Social Work Bldg, 764-0351.

Physics Dept—T Hales, The Kepler Conjecture, 4 pm, Rm 340, West Hall, 764-4437.

Thursday, October 29

Japanese Studies—J Dorsey, Aesthetics as Ideology, noon, Rm 1636, Social Work Bldg, 764-6307.

CMENAS—J Stewart-Robinson, Ataturk Creates a Republic, 4 pm, Rm 1636, Social Work Bldg, 764-0350.

Medicinal Chemistry—R Pratt, Active Site Chemistry of beta-Lactamases, 4 pm, 2548 CC Little Bldg, 647-8429.

Physics Dept—J Zhang, Reinforcement Learning Dynamic Programming and Optimization, 4 pm, Rm 231, West Hall, 764-4437.

IRWG—B Wiesen, Cook Censorship, Silence & Secrecy in the Life & Legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt, 5-7 pm, Rm 4448, East Hall, 764-9537.

CEW/CFW—K Clark & M Knepp, Navigating the Maize, noon-1:30 pm, W Council Rm, Rackham Bldg, 998-7080.

CAUP—S Kennedy, Rethinking Institutional Typologies, 6 pm, Chrysler Aud, 615-0431.

U-M-Flint—T Lindley, Sensationalism or Facts: What Does the Audience Really Want? 11:30 am-12:30 pm, Kiva, UCEN, (810) 762-3431.

Friday, October 30

Physics Dept—K Riles & B Roe, Neutrino Oscillations at Fermilab, M Ross, Dependence of Automotive Pollution on Driving Pattern, 1:10-2 pm, Rm 335, West Hall, 764-4437.

Physics Dept—V Luppov, Mark II High Cooling Power Dilution Refrigerator, 4 pm, Rm 335, West Hall, 764-4437.

Mat Sci & Engin—T Courtney, Case Studies in Microstructural Evolution, 3:30 pm, Rm 1504, Dow Bldg, 763-4970.

Art History—M Nesbeit, Last Words: Rilke, Wittgentstein & Duchamp, 4 pm, Aud D, Angell Hall, 764-5400.

OVPR—J Schell, Panel: What Does It Mean to Think About Abolishing Nuclear Weapons, noon-1:30 pm, Rm 2042, Dana Bldg, 647-9085.

Art & Design Sch—C Samaras, Photo-Active Feminist Series, 7 pm, Art & Design Sch Aud, 764-0397.

CAAS—N Dickerson, Race & Gender Segregation in the Labor Market, 12:10-1 pm, Rm 109, West Hall, 764-5513.

Philosophy Dept—W Burkert, Tanner Lecture: Revealing Nature Amidst Multiple Cultures, 4 pm, Rackham Amphi, 764-6285.

CSSEAS—L Curran, Suharto’s Trees, noon, Rm 1644, Social Work Bldg, 764-0352.

OVPR—J Schell, The Case for Abolishing Nuclear Weapons, 8 pm, Rackham Amphi, 647-9085.

Saturday, October 31

Physics Dept—M Mbonye, Black Holes, White Holes and Worm Holes, 10:30 am, Rm 170 Dennison, 764-4437.

Sunday, November 1

Hillel—B Biber, An Anthropological Peek at Jewish Antiquity, 10 am, 769-0500.

Media Union Task Force—Washtenaw County: Communities and the Environment, noon-5 pm, Chrysler Center Aud, 763-3247.

Music School—B Wade, Music for the Mughals: What Miniature Paintings Show Us to Hear, 2 pm, Britton Recital Hall, 764-0583.

Monday, November 2

ISR—A Stone, Ecological Momentary Assessment, 3:45-5 pm, Rm 6050, ISR, 764-8360.

CCSL—J Gaventa, Researching for Democracy, 4-5:30 pm, Aud, East Quad, 647-7402.

Studies in Religion—R Tanter, Charismatic Leaders & Rogue Regimes, 7:30 pm, 1324 East Hall, 764-4475.

U-M-Dearborn—J Woods, The Middle East and Islam: Image and Stereotype, 11 am, Lecture Hall B, Management Bldg.

Tuesday, November 3

Chinese Studies—M Powers, A Comparative Look at Competition in the Cultural Arena, noon, Rm 1636, Social Work Bldg, 764-6308.

Ecumenical Campus Ctr—A Meyendorff, Russia’s Woes and the U.S., noon, Social Wk Bldg, 662-5529.

Humanities Inst—W Gosling, Sustaining the Great Research Library, noon, Rm 1524, Rackham Bldg, 936-3518.

ISR—H Cronin, Darwin Among the Feminists: Sex Differences in Evolutionary Perspective, 4-5:30 pm, Rm 6050, ISR, 764-8360.

International Ctr—M Lahnstein, Germany after Kohl: The European Union and the Euro, 4 pm, Rm 1636, Social Wk Bldg, 764-9310.

LS&A—R Van der Voo, Distinguished Senior Faculty Lecture: The Pulse of the Earth, 4:10 pm, Rackham Amphi.

U-M-Dearborn—E Catlett, Works of Elizabeth Catlett, 4 pm, Elliott Lecture Hall, Sch of Management Bldg, (313) 593-5555.

Science Research Club—D Anderson, Function Follows Form: Examples from the Multichannel Electrode World, 7:30 pm, G390 Dental Sch, 761-4320.

Wednesday, November 4

CREES—M Stanislawski & N Miller, From Jugendstil to ‘Judenstil’: EM Lilien and the Creation of Zionist Art, noon-1 pm, Rm 1636, Social Wk Bldg, 764-0351.

IRWG—C Weisman & S Burt Ruzek, History & Strategies of U.S. Women’s Health Movement, 7 pm, East Hall, Rm 1324, 764-9537.

Psychiatry Dept—S Petersen, Imaging Studies of Memory and Recovery of Function, 10:30 am-noon, MCHC Aud, 936-5891.

Japanese Studies—R Cole, Japanese Management of Technology, noon, Rm 1636, Social Work Bldg, 764-6307.

CMENAS—A Al-Muhanna, The Kuwaiti Crisis As Reflected in Contemporary Kuwaiti Poetry, 4 pm, Rm 3050, Frieze Bldg, 647-4142.

Medical Ctr—S Yarows, Treating the Hidden Hazards of High Blood Pressure, 7-9 pm, Chelsea Comm Hospital Dining Rm, 763-9000, cat 1075.

Thursday, November 5

CEW—Panel: Differences Among Women: New Women Faculty Talk about Their Research, noon-1:30 pm, Rm 232D, West Hall, 998-7080.

Astronomy Dept—M Weisskopf, An Overview of the Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility, 4 pm, Rm 807, Dennison Bldg, 936-1737.

Art & Design Sch—P Hayes, Non-Champion Gardening, 7 pm, Rm 2104, Art & Arch Bldg, 936-2082.

Physiology Dept—R Goodman, The CREB-CBP Pathway: A Model for Transcriptional Specificity & Integration, 4:30 pm, 3330 Med Sci I, 763-5727.

Friday, November 6

Mid-East/North African Studies—Panel: Turkey & Europe, 1923-1998, 4 pm, Rm 1636, Social Wk Bldg, 647-4142.

Mat Sci & Engin—G Messing, Templated Grain Growth for the Fabrication of Ceramics with Organized Microstructures, 3:30 pm, Rm 1504, Dow Bldg, 763-4970.

CSSEAS—A Mufti, This Self Which Is Not One, noon, Rm 1644, Social Work Bldg, 764-0352.




Thursday, October 29

CMENAS—Arabic Circle, 4 pm, Rm 4661, Social Work Bldg, 764-0350.

Hillel—Shulchan Ivrit, 5:30 pm, Cava Java café, 769-0500.

Monday, November 2

LS&A—faculty meeting, 4:10 pm, Aud B, Angell Hall.

Tuesday, November 3

Hillel—Jewish Learning Series, 7:30-8:30 pm, 769-0500.

Hillel—Reform Chavurah, 7:30 pm, 769-0500.

Wednesday, November 4

Hillel—Governing board meeting, 7:30 pm, 769-0500.

Thursday, November 5

Hillel—Shulchan Ivrit, 5:30 pm, Cava Java Café, 769-0500.




Friday, October 30

*Athletics Dept—Ice hockey vs Bowling Green, 7 pm, Yost Ice Arena, 763-1381.

*Athletics Dept—Women’s field hockey vs Northwestern, 3 pm, Ocker Field, S State St, 763-6441.

Athletics Dept—Women’s soccer vs Brigham Young, 3 pm, Varsity Soccer Field, 763-6441.

*Athletics Dept—Women’s volleyball vs Indiana, 7 pm, Cliff Keen Arena, 763-6441.

Saturday, October 31

*Athletics Dept—Ice hockey vs Northern Michigan, 7 pm, Yost Ice Arena, 763-1381.

*Athletics Dept—Women’s volleyball vs Northwestern, 7 pm, Cliff Keen Arena, 763-6441.

Sunday, November 1

*Athletics Dept—Women’s field hockey vs Iowa, noon, Ocker Field, S State St, 763-6441.

Athletics Dept—Women’s soccer vs Kentucky, 2 pm, Varsity Soccer Field, 763-6441.

Monday, November 2

*Athletics Dept—Men’s basketball vs Israel National 22 & under team, 7:30 pm, Chrysler Arena, 763-1381.




Wednesday, October 28

MESA—Dos Alas: Grupo Cepeda & Grupo Afro-Cuba, 4-6 pm, League ballroom, 763-9044.

*M-Fit—M Monahan & B Fritzsch, Fall Seafood, 6-8 pm, East Ann Arbor Health Ctr, 998-6736.

Hlth Sci Lib—Medsearch Workshop, 10:30 am-noon, LRC 3950, Taubman Lib, 763-2037.

Hlth Sci Lib—Public Health Resources on the Web, 10 am-noon, MG442, Public Health , 936-1391.

Turner—R Boyd, Social Securtiy: Hazards, Pitfalls and Hope for the Future, 1-3 pm, Kellogg Eye Ctr Aud, 764-2556.

Thursday, October 29

Latin American/Carribbean Studies—Cities & the Environment in Latin America, noon-2 pm, Rm 2147, Art & Arch Bldg, 651-0431.

Friday, October 30

Kinesiology—V Katch, Issues in Exercise Physiology, 2 pm, Rm 3735, CCRB, 647-2430.

Kinesiology—T George, The Role of Self-Efficacy as a Mediator of Motor Performance, 1 pm, Rm 3735, CCRB, 763-0013.

Saturday, October 31

Philosophy Dept—Tanner Lecture Symposium, 9:15 am, Vandenberg Rm, Mich League, 764-6285.

Wednesday, November 4

International Ctr—Employment Options and Academic Training Program for J Visa Holders, 11:30 am-12:30 pm, Rm B510, Pierpont Commons, 936-4180.

Univ Library—Numbers Online: Using Statistical Universe, noon, Courtyard B, Angell Hall, 763-1539.

*M-Fit—C Liu, Traditional Chinese Cuisine, 6-8 pm, East Ann Arbor Health Ctr, 998-6736.

Thursday, November 5

*U-M-Dearborn—Positioning Yourself for Success in China, Dearborn Inn, (313) 593-8389.

Social Work—Social Work Day, 3-5 pm, Pendleton Rm, Mich Union, 764-3309.


Yost Ice Arena

*Public skating, 764-4600


Monday-Friday, noon-12:50 pm; Thursday, 8-9:50 pm; Saturday, 2-3:50 pm & 7-8:50 pm; Sunday, 2-3:50 pm.


Regular Meetings


Alcoholics Anon—Campus AA Group, Monday-Friday, Alcoholics Anon—Unity AA Group, Closed Disc, cross-addicts welcome, 12:10 pm, 3100 Mich Union, 332-1247.

Center for Child and Family—*Adventures in Parenting—Life with Your Turbo-charged Child, Tuesdays, 7-8:30 pm; Inquisitive Minds, 7:15-8:45 pm, Wednesdays. Call for more information, 764-9466.

Guild House—Women’s Book Group, noon-1 pm, 2nd and 4th Mondays; Sexuality and Spirituality: Exploring the Connections, 7-8 pm, Thursdays; 802 Monroe St, 662-5189.

Health System Pulmonary Rehab—Ann Arbor Better Breathers, 2-4 pm, first Monday, Domino’s Farms EBA Club, 998-8723.

HIV/AIDS Support Group—5:30-7:30 pm, alternate Thursdays, Taubman Ctr, (888) 224-7939 or 936-8186.

LGBT Affairs—Creative Expressions Group, 1 pm, Saturdays, call for room number, 763-4186.

Turner Geriatric Clinic—Caring for Your Mate, 2-3:30 pm, fourth Tuesday, Conf Rm, Geriatrics Ctr, 764-2556.

Psychological Clinic—Therapy Group to Improve Quality of Close Relationships, 4:30-7 pm, Mondays, Ste 2463, E Hall; *Eating Issues and Body Image Workshop, Mondays, call for details, 764-3471.




Campus Information Centers: First Floor Michigan Union and Lobby, Pierpont Commons, 763-INFO,, and

Medicare Assistance Program: 9:30-11:30 am, Tuesdays, Turner Senior Resource Ctr, 2401 Plymouth Rd, Ste C; 764-2556.

Photo ID: Monday-Friday-Entree Plus Ofc, Pierpont Commons, 8:30 am-5 pm, 763-6294; Wolverine Tower, G270, 3003 S State, 8 am-5 pm, 763-7671; Student Activities Bldg, Rm 100, 8 am-5 pm, 763-4632. Medical Center: Med Inn Bldg, Rm C158, 7 am-4:30 pm.

SAFEWALK-Shapiro Undergrad Libr, Sun-Thurs, 7:30 pm-2:30 am; Fri-Sat, 8 pm-midnight, 936-1000.

NORTHWALK-Bursley Residence Hall, Sun-Thurs, 8 pm-1:30 am; Fri-Sat, closed, 763-WALK.




AFROAMERICAN MUSIC COLLECTION—Collection of books, periodicals, original 78 rpm recordings from 1945-55, videos, sheet music, articles and photographs, 106 West Hall, 764-8338.

ARCHITECTURE & URBAN PLANNING—Through Oct. 30: Spirit Rooms, photographs by Steven Evans, College Gallery; Through Oct. 30: Line & Lineament, Models and Drawings of the International Institute Exhibit Space by Craig Borum and students, Social Work Bldg, 764-1300.

EXHIBIT MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY—Permanent exhibits covering dinosaurs and fossils, Michigan wildlife, Native Americans, anthropology, geology and astronomy. Back to the Sea: The Evolution of Whales. Philippine Photos & Finds: A Century of U-M Anthropology in the Philippines. 1109 Geddes, Mon-Sat 9 am-5 pm, Sun. 12-5 pm, 763-6085.

GIFTS OF ART—Through Nov. 19: Etchings & Lithography by Michele Gauthier, Taub Lobby N Fl 1, Jewelry by Alex Gulko, Taub Lobby N Fl 1, Paintings by E. W. Dopp, Taub Lobby S Fl 1, Art Boxes by Meredith Krell, Taub Lobby S Fl 1, Mixed Media Paintings by Sandra S. Difazio, Univ Hosp Lobby Fl 1, Prints by Sandra Somers, Univ Hosp, Main Corridor W Fl 2, Perthshire Paperweights, Can/Ger Ctr Lobby, Fl 1.

KELSEY MUSEUM OF ARCHAEOLOGY—The Ancient Near East and Egypt; Through Dec. 4: Reconstructing Personal Style in Late Antiquity; Through Dec. 24: A Victorian’s Passion: David Roberts; 763-3559.

MATTHAEI BOTANICAL GARDENS—Through Oct. 31: Joy of Life by Hanne Eske Dyva, Auditorium, 998-7061.

MEDIA UNION GALLERY—Through Oct. 31: Studying the Fibonacci Series, Paintings by Herbert Johe, 764-1300.

MICH LEAGUE BUFFET—Through Nov. 13: Oil Acrylic Paintings by Annie Breiholz; 763-4652.

MUSEUM OF ART—Through Nov. 15: Hopes and Aspirations: Decorative Painting of Korea; African Arts: Objects of Power, Knowledge and Mediation; American Visions: Nineteenth-Century American Paintings; 764-0395.

SLUSSER GALLERY—Through Nov. 18: Work Works by Charles and Ray Eames, Art and Architecture Bldg., 764-1300.

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS LIBRARY—Through Dec. 23: Michigan Book Artists 1998 by James D. Fox, 7th Fl, Graduate Library, 764-9377.

THE STEARNS COLLECTION—One of six major collections of musical instruments in North America. Contains more than 2,000 instruments, both Western and non-Western, ranging from typical period pieces to rare exotica. School of Music, 763-4389.

RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE—Through Nov. 9: Exhibition of Inmate Art, E. Quad, 763-0176.


You can always drop us a line: