The University Record, September 9, 1998

Life Sciences Commission seeks input

By Huda Akil and William R. Roush,
Life Sciences Commission co-chairs

The campuswide Life Sciences Commission was appointed by President Lee C. Bollinger in May to develop recommendations on how the University can participate in and benefit from the "period of remarkable intellectual growth and discovery, as well as increased public interest, benefit and financial support" being accorded the life sciences.

Over the summer, commission members began the process of identifying and discussing key themes that might be represented in the sort of large-scale initiative envisioned by President Bollinger, Provost Nancy Cantor and Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs Gilbert S. Omenn.

We are now seeking input from all instructional, clinical and research faculty on the Ann Arbor campus to aid us in our deliberations. In sending us your comments, you may want to address the following questions:

• What are the most important and fundamental questions in the life sciences today? Framing these questions and identifying the critical tools for addressing them will serve as a starting point for our vision of the life sciences in the future.

• What are the unique strengths that the U-M can bring to the equation in planning for an enhanced presence in the life sciences?

• What are the critical needs of the U-M that must be considered to accomplish our goal? These needs may be personal, and may include technology and educational and research programs.

• What are the best strategies that would dramatically enhance the University's position of leadership in the life sciences? This is, admittedly, a very open-ended question, to encourage you to think boldly and imaginatively, in terms of both content and structure.

• What other matters relevant to this initiative should we bear in mind?

Comments may be sent to the Commission via e-mail to or via campus mail to Life Sciences Commission, Office of the President, 2056 Fleming Administration Building 1340.

You can always drop us a line: