The University Record, September 9, 1998

Pathways Data Warehouse introduced

By Gretchen Weir

Another piece of the M-Pathways system snapped into place in August with the introduction of the General Ledger/Procurement Data Warehouse. This database, containing financial transactions since July 1, 1998, will be a valuable source of information for administrators. It will be updated weekly, providing a current picture of a unit's financial situation. It also will be refreshed after business on the third working day of each month to provide an accurate picture at month's end.

You can learn more about how information collected by M-Pathways systems is being used by going to the M-Pathways Web site ( See the Financial Reporting link in the left column of the Financials page.

The legacy Data Access Tables, which administrators have used for queries the past several years, will continue to be the source of human resources, personnel and payroll information collected by the legacy systems. Because users must be familiar with ChartFields to reconcile data from these tables with the data found in the new M-Pathways Data Warehouse, ChartField information has been added to the legacy Data Access Tables. Users will see instructions about the updated tables when they open the Data Access GQL diagram. You can get a copy of the data dictionary supplement for the conversion tables on the Web at

Here is what administrators need to know to use the M-Pathways Data Warehouse:

GQL 4.1.1 is the tool for the time being to write queries against the data warehouse.

Individuals who currently have access to the financial and/or procurement data access tables have received forms that they can use to get authorization and sign up for training.

If you have not received a form, you can begin the authorization process by downloading the M-Pathways Request for Access from the M-Pathways Web site ( Click on the Getting Started tab and use the Obtaining Access link in the left column. Scroll down to the link for the M-Pathways Request for Access.

M-Pathways is offering an optional training class, General Ledger/Procurement Data Warehouse Reporting, that focuses on the data structures in the new data warehouse. This training is intended for staff who are already familiar with GQL. See for a course description. Call the M-Pathways Help Desk (936-7000 and select Training Registration) if you have not received the M1 rollout form and wish to register for training.

Although Data Warehouse training is not required, it is highly recommended. Because users of the Data Warehouse need to understand ChartFields, they also should take the M-Pathways Introduction to ChartFields class.

If you want training in GQL, sign up for the GQL Basics course offered by ITD (763-3700).

Data Warehouse IDs and instructions for using the Warehouse will be sent directly to authorized users via campus mail. Questions about how to interpret data in the Data Warehouse should be directed to the financial coordinators in Financial Operations.

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