The University Record, April 24, 2000

Information technology security task force formed

By Wanda Monroe
Office of the Chief Information Officer

A special task force that will set the stage for developing an information technology (IT) security architecture for the University has been formed.

The task force is charged with constructing a statement of principles to guide the development of a University IT security architecture, determining best practices in information security, identifying outdated and missing IT security policies, identifying initial requirements, developing requirements for a technical security architecture and policy changes, and determining the budget for implementation. The task force is expected to complete its work this summer.

“The University has in place an extensive information technology policy suite and has historically given priority to security issues,” says Josť-Marie Griffiths, university chief information officer. “With the changes anticipated from the University’s new administrative computing implementation, the resulting distribution of business operations and security authority and the importance of the data network in providing access to University technology services, IT security is of utmost importance.”

Task Force members represent IT service providers from many schools, colleges and departments across campus. The members are:

George Cubberly, Risk Management Office; Jocelyn DeWitt, U-M Hospitals and health centers; Renee Frost, Internet2 Middleware Early Adopter Project; John Gohsman, Student Administration Core Process; William Gosling, University Library; James Hilton, Academic Affairs; Peter Honeyman, Center for Information Technology Integration; Paul Killey, Computer Aided Engineering Network; Vahid Lotfi, Information Technology Services, U-M-Flint; Alan McCord, Office of the Chief Information Officer;

Thomas McElvain, Office of the Registrar; Mike McPherson, LS&A; Robert Moenart, University Audits; Deborah Mero, Financial/Physical Resources Core Process Unit; Judy Nowack, Office of the Vice President for Research; Violetta Ogilvy, Information Technology Services, U-M-Dearborn; John Price-Wilkin, University Library; Virginia Rezmierski, Office of the Chief Information Officer; Dorothy Stewart, Information Technology Division; Jeanne Strickland, University Health Services; and Gloria Thiele, Office of the Chief Information Officer.