The University Record, April 24, 2000

Contest winner gets free lunch, advice

National Nutrition Month Quiz Answers

Nutrition contest winner Allison MacDuffee (right), a graduate student in history of art, is the winner in the contest celebrating National Nutrition Month (March). Her prize was a free lunch at West Quad dining hall with nutritionist Barbara Howe (left). MacDuffee turned in the winning quiz with only one answer wrong—how much sugar is contained in a 32-ounce container of soda. Photo by Rebecca A. Doyle
F Vitamins are a good source of energy. Vitamins don’t supply energy, but carbohydrates, proteins and fats do.

T Snacking may keep you from overeating. Snacks quell hunger pains so that you are less likely to overeat at your next meal.

F The right exercises help you “spot reduce.” When you lose fat through exercise, your body draws energy from all its fat stores.

F Plant proteins need to be carefully combined at each meal. Eat different types of food during the day, and you’ll cover all the essential amino acids in your diet.

F You need to avoid any food with more than 30 percent calories from fat. The 30 percent guideline applies to your overall food choices for several days.

T There are 44 cubes of sugar in a regular 32-ounce soda pop. Besides helping bacteria to destroy tooth enamel, sugar can also alter hormonal regulation and result in sugar cravings.

F A vitamin supplement can make up for a poor eating plan. Many aspects of whole foods essential to vitality and health can not be captured in a pill.

Taking large amounts of antioxidants prevents cancer. The jury’s still out on this one. Researchers are still studying and debating this question, but keep an eye out on this and other foods such as tomatoes, garlic and soybeans as potential cancer-preventing agents.

F Body fat burns more energy than muscle. Actually, the reverse is true.

F Being physically active takes a lot of work. It doesn’t need to if you weave it into your everyday life; any regular moderate activity will do the trick.