The University Record, August 14, 2000

Move-in affects traffic flow, parking

From the Housing Division

Fall Move-In dates:

Aug. 24—International Student Move-In/ 300 Students & A Cart Move-In

Aug. 27—Fall Orientation Move-In

Aug. 29—Markley Hall Early Move-In

Aug. 30 & 31—Fall Move-In for First-Year Students

Aug. 31–Sept. 5—Welcome to Michigan Program

Sept. 1—Fall Move-In for Returning Students

Sept. 6—Classes begin

As with football Saturdays, when individuals avoid affected streets, traffic delays become less likely. Faculty and staff are encouraged to travel to and from work before 9 a.m. and between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. when streets are the least congested.

Traffic flow changes:

Ann, from Zina Pitcher Place to Observatory, will be eastbound one-way.

Observatory, from Ann to Geddes, will be southbound one-way.

Washington Heights, from East Medical Center Drive to Observatory, will be westbound one-way (NOTE: The Washington Hts. street closure begins on Aug. 29).

East Hospital Drive, from East Medical Center Drive around the parking structure to Simpson, will be one-way.

East Medical Center Drive, from East Hospital Drive to Observatory, will be closed to westbound traffic.

State Street, from Hill to South University, will be closed to northbound traffic.

Thompson, from Jefferson to Packard, will be southbound one-way.

Maynard, from William to Jefferson, will be southbound one-way.

Jefferson, from Maynard to South Division, will be westbound one-way.

Madison, from Division to Thompson, will be closed.

Madison, from Thompson to State, will be eastbound one-way.

East University, from Hill to Willard, will be northbound one-way.

Willard, from East University to Church, will be eastbound one-way.

Church, from Willard to Hill, will be southbound one-way.

Parking lots and carports partially or entirely closed:

On Central Campus:

Thompson Street surface lot (W18) across from West Quadrangle will be closed.

Triangle parking lot (W16) on the corners of Madison, Thompson and Packard will be closed.

Staff parking lot (W1) off Monroe behind South Quad will be closed for commercial vending activities.

The top two levels of the Thompson Street carport (W3) will be reserved for Move-In parking on Aug. 30 and 31 only.

In the Hill Area:

Surface lot (M26) off East Medical Center Drive will be taken off line (East half only) for overflow Move-In parking.

Surface lot (M28) across from Markley Hall’s front entrance will be taken for Move-In parking.

Surface lot (E1) across from Stockwell Hall will be closed for commercial vending activities.