The University Record, December 6, 1999


Council for Disability Concerns recognizes 13 individuals

The Council for Disability Concerns has recognized 13 individuals who have undertaken exceptional efforts to accommodate employees and students with disabilities. The following people received certificates of appreciation at an October ceremony in the Michigan League.

  • Diane L. Baker, lecturer on human genetics, personally assessed parking, routes of travel, classrooms, restrooms, labs and the library to make sure that the necessary changes were made to create a barrier-free educational setting for a physically disabled graduate student who entered the Genetic Counseling Master’s Program in 1997.

  • David Erdody, academic services clerk, Office of Financial Aid, has developed, relying on his own finances, a Web site ( that makes it possible for people who cannot use printed material to hear articles read from such sources as books and periodicals.

  • Madeline Gragg, hall director at East Quad, assisted a student who had just been injured in a diving accident and is now quadriplegic, with his residence hall accommodations and spent considerable time talking with his family about the importance of the continuation of his education.

  • Susan Deer Hall, founder of ScreenLine, a real-time captioning company located in Ann Arbor, has provided pro bono captioning for the monthly meeting of the Washtenaw County chapter of the Self Help for the Hard of Hearing organization since 1990.

  • Judy L. Mackey, administrative assistant, Women’s Studies Program, helped an employee in her unit return to work after a significant disability and learn new technical, personal and business skills that drew on her strengths.

  • Alex and Marlene Miller and Saul and Shirley Lederer are the parents and grandparents, respectively, of alumnus Adam Miller, who worked for WDIV-TV in Detroit until his death earlier this year. Adam Miller’s disabilities resulted in the loss of his hearing, much of his sight and mobility limitations. The Millers and Lederers have contributed to the Hearing Impaired Student Organization in his honor, funding the Open-Captioned First-Run Movies, and have created the Adam Miller Fund to enhance the experience of deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

  • Anne Monterio, assistant dean for students, undergraduate education, College of Engineering, has worked with the Council for Disability Concern’s Education Task Force to develop a brochure that informs the University community of the services available to students with psychiatric disabilities.

  • John Muckler, assistant director, Computer Aided Engineering Network, and computer systems manager, Media Union, has proposed and implemented an open ergonomic model for the Media Union in which accommodating computing technology workstations are interspersed with regular computer workstations.

  • Richard F. Vidmer, an alumnus who has taught at the University of Virginia and embarked on a political career in the Pittsburgh area, won his last election while campaigning in a motorized wheelchair that he now uses due to the effects of multiple sclerosis.

  • While a student at the University, alumna Shannon Wiltse provided a series of awareness activities to educate graduate students about the experience of having a disability. She designed an interactive teaching activity that allowed other students to encounter daily activities in a manner similar to her own experience.