The University Record, December 20, 1999

Assembly Roundup

By Theresa Maddix

Following a presentation on parking issues the following matters were discussed at the Dec. 13 Senate Assembly meeting.

  • The Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA) has prepared a notebook for any faculty member hired 1978–1999. The notebook, available in the Faculty Senate Office, contains forms pertinent to faculty employment at the U-M and specifically addresses intellectual property rights.

  • The Assembly briefly discussed how executive committees are determined in individuals units and departments. Sherrie A. Kossoudji, associate professor of social work and adjunct associate professor of economics, asked members who hadn’t yet found out to see what procedures are used in their area.

  • The members present held the SACUA nominating committee election by paper ballot. The election results will be reported at the next Senate Assembly meeting.

  • The Assembly approved the motion to create separate advisory committees for the Office of Communications, the Office of the Vice President and Secretary of the University and the Office of the Vice President for Government Relations.

  • Ronald Lomax, chair of the Rules Committee and professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and Katharine B. Soper, assistant provost, spoke on proposed changes to Regents Bylaws 5.01, 5.23 and 5.24. The proposed changes would include librarians and archivists as faculty members, and determine definitions of teaching staff vs. instructional staff, junior faculty and clinical faculty.

    Soper commented that “the Bylaws definitely need some improvement” on three levels: housekeeping changes, organizational changes and changes involving issues of inclusion. “Now,” Soper said, “we’re looking at some of the housekeeping issues that can be made relatively easily and quickly.” For example, in the Bylaws on Regents’ meetings: “there is a reference that when they call an emergency meeting, they do so by telegraph.”

    Soper said the committee hopes to publish amended Bylaws in the Record in January.