The University Record, February 14, 2000

February weather: Sub-zero or spring?

Mother Nature has displayed her mood swings this month in weather that has included rain, snow, sleet and temperatures that fluctuate from day to day by as much as 45 degrees. In contrast to last week’s spring-like 40-degree highs, this week forecasters say to watch for snow and snow showers with seasonal lows of 10 to 15 degrees and highs in the low- to mid-30s.

Snow that fell earlier in the month is pictured above shortly after the University’s snow removal equipment had made its rounds. Photo by Rebecca A. Doyle


Carnivorous carfull on loan

Rodger Keller, senior horticultural assistant at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, fills his car with carnivorous plants (those that feast on insects) from the Gardens’ back-up collection. These extra plants were taken to the Meijer Botanical Gardens in Grand Rapids as part of a ‘sharing’ program, a practice common among botanical conservatories. The Meijer Gardens are developing a new carnivorous plant display greenhouse, and the U-M was able to supply them with specimens of monkey cups, pitcher plants and sun dews for their collection. Photo by Bob Kalmbach