The University Record, February 14, 2000

Investment Funds Update

Editor's Note: To help faculty and staff make choices among the many retirement investment options, the Record publishes this table several times a year. Faculty and staff should contact the companies directly for fund information and prospectuses: TIAA-CREF, (800) 842-2776; Fidelity, (800) 343-0860.

Information on fund transfers is available form the Benefits Office, 763-1214 (Central Campus), 764-6584 (Medical Campus), as well as TIAA-CREF and Fidelity.

University of Michigan Investment Funds Update
Average Annual Total Returns as of Sept. 30, 1999

Average Annualized Compound Return
Equity Funds1 Yr3 Yrs5 Yrs10 Yrs
Standard & Poor's
500 Stock Index
Fidelity Low-Priced Stock11.211.814.6N.A
Fidelity OTC Portfolio52.124.625.418.1
Lipper Capital Appreciation Funds Average25.317.819.013.7
C.R.E.F. Equity Index Account26.422.122.8N.A
C.R.E.F. Growth Account39.425.325.5N.A
C.R.E.F. Stock Account28.320.520.314.5
Fidelity Blue Chip Growth27.723.421.420.0
Fidelity Capital Appreciation40.220.717.712.9
Fidelity Contrafund31.723.223.220.5
Fidelity Disciplined Equity29.022.820.916.6
Fidelity Dividend Growth21.024.726.2N.A
Fidelity Growth Company50.524.725.119.3
Fidelity Growth & Income20.221.221.817.2
Fidelity Magellan36.124.622.317.1
Fidelity Retirement Growth32.021.618.115.5
Fidelity Spartan U.S. Equity Index27.524.824.816.5
Fidelity Trend37.29.911.410.5
Lipper Growth Funds Average41.919.920.915.7
Fidelity Convertible Securities28.716.014.714.6
Fidelity Equity-Income20.017.918.713.8
Fidelity Equity Income II20.218.518.0N.A
Fidelity Value25.
Lipper Growth & Income Funds Average12.314.315.812.0
C.R.E.F. Global Equities29.516.815.9N.A
Fidelity Canada21.
Fidelity Emerging Markets47.9-18.3-13.5N.A
Fidelity Europe14.716.216.711.5
Fidelity Intl Growth & Income38.414.011.79.3
Fidelity Japan118.618.38.7N.A
Fidelity Overseas34.714.411.49.1
Fidelity Pacific Basin94.
Fidelity World-Wide27.011.510.1N.A.

MSCI EAFE (International) Index
MSCI Emerging Markets Free Index 56.5-4.5-5.59.4

Average Annualized Compound Return
Bond Funds1 Yr3 Yrs5 Yrs10 Yrs
Lehman Bros. Government/Corporate Bond Index-1.6%6.8%7.8%8.1%
C.R.E.F. Bond Market-
Fidelity Capital & Income17.210.910.912.0
Fidelity Ginnie Mae1.
Fidelity Intermediate Bond0.
Fidelity Investment Grade Bond-
Fidelity Mortgage Securities1.
Fidelity Short-Term Bond3.
Fidelity U.S. Bond Index-
TIAA Premium Growth Rate
(as of Dec. 31, 1999)

Money Market Funds1 Yr3 Yrs5 Yrs10 Yrs
91-Day Treasury Bills4.8%5.2%5.4%5.3%
C.R.E.F. Money Market4.
Fidelity Cash Reserves4.
Fidelity Retirement Government Money Market4.
Fidelity Retirement Money Market4.
Fidelity U.S. Government Reserves4.

Balanced Funds1 Yr3 Yrs5 Yrs10 Yrs
C.R.E.F. Social Choice Account15.8%17.3%17.7%N.A
Fidelity Asset Manager16.
Fidelity Asset Manager: Growth18.417.915.3N.A
Fidelity Asset Manager: Income6.69.69.6N.A
Fidelity Balanced19.018.913.912.0
Fidelity Puritan11.614.414.212.6

Average Annualized Compound Return
Specialty Funds1 Yr3 Yrs5 Yrs10 Yrs
Fidelity Real Estate Investment Portfolio-4.6%4.6%8.1%9.5%
Fidelity Strategic Opportunities34.914.214.912.3
Fidelity Select Funds:
Air Transportation35.
& Investment Management
Construction and Housing6.89.412.711.8
Consumer Industries22.720.119.8N.A
Defense & Aerospace16.211.420.113.6
Developing Communications102.633.228.8N.A.
Energy Service33.010.617.810.7
Environmental Services-19.4-
Financial Services15.320.423.217.9
Food & Agriculture-1.610.714.414.0
Health Care1.819.923.821.2
Home Finance-0.98.816.418.2
Industrial Equipment35.217.919.215.5
Industrial Materials18.
Medical Delivery-26.1-
Money Market1.
Paper & Forest Products32.96.27.510.0
Precious Metals & Minerals20.5-15.8-10.2-0.1
Regional Banks6.017.721.818.8
Software & Computer Services50.729.831.426.2
Utilities Growth38.632.525.316.9

* Formerly Fidelity Select American Gold