The University Record, January 10, 2000

Down syndrome center grant will expand research into public service

By Amy Reyes
News and Information Services

The Center for Motor Behavior in Down Syndrome of the Division of Kinesiology has been awarded a $25,000 grant from Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Southeastern Michigan. The grant will be used to train infants with Down syndrome on small motorized treadmills to reduce the consistent delay in the onset of walking, says Dale A. Ulrich, associate professor of kinesiology and director of the Center.

In addition to expanding the Center’s research into a training program for infants with Down syndrome, the grant will cover the cost of building more treadmills and purchasing computerized physical activity and heart rate monitors needed for the program.

“As a result of our research demonstrating that treadmill training leads to earlier onset of independent walking in children with Down syndrome, many parents have inquired about the possibility of participating in the research program. The grant allows us to expand our treadmill research into public service,” Ulrich says.

The mission of the Center for Motor Behavior in Down Syndrome is to conduct and disseminate research to improve the quality of movement skills in people with Down syndrome and to offer parent training programs for infants with Down syndrome.

For more information, contact Ulrich, 615-1904 or Also, visit the Center’s Web site,

RMHC is dedicated to improving the quality of children’s lives worldwide. The organization helps young people lead healthier, happier and more productive lives by funding programs in the areas of health care and medical research, education and the arts, and social and civic concerns.