The University Record, January 17, 2000


America Delivers honors Health System programs

The Pediatric Hematology/Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant Programs have been selected by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to be honored by Domino’s Pizza as a group that “delivers.” Regent David Brandon, CEO, Domino’s, presented a plaque on Dec. 7 to the units as part of the America Delivers program. The program was designed to recognize community groups or individuals who are serving the public in a special way.

Pichersky receives Humboldt Research Award

Eran Pichersky, professor and associate chair, Department of Biology, has received the Humboldt Research Award for Senior U.S. Scientists from the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung Foundation. The award offers the opportunity for an extended research stay in Germany.

Environmental group praises Health System for going ‘mercury-free’

Health Care Without Harm, a coalition of more than 200 organizations interested in reducing environmental impact from the medical industry, recognized the Health System as one of the first 100 hospitals and health systems in the nation to sign its mercury-elimination pledge. Since 1995, the Health System has worked to eliminate virtually all mercury from its patient care, medical research and other operations.

Medical mercury has been targeted because of its potential to escape into the environment during equipment breakage and medical waste handling. The American Health Association signed an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency in 1998 to phase out mercury-containing waste in hospitals by 2005.

The group also honored the Health System in August for its decision to convert its waste-management processes from incineration to steam-sterilization. The conversion, expected by summer 2000, will reduce Health System air emissions.

Social Work faculty receive research awards

Carol T. Mowbray, associate professor of social work and associate dean for research, School of Social Work, and associate professor of psychology, and Deborah Bybee, adjunct lecturer in social work, received an Outstanding Research Award from the Society for Social Work and Research for their article “The Importance of Context in Understanding Homelessness and Mental Illness: Lessons Learned from a Research Demonstration Project.”

William Meezan, the Marion Blue Endowed Professor in Children and Families, received an Outstanding Research Award for his and a colleague’s work on “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Multifamily Group Therapy in Child Abuse and Neglect.”

The Society selects only three research articles out of those published in a given year for this distinction.

Clark named to national environmental health sciences council

Noreen M. Clark, dean of the School of Public Health and the Marshall H. Becker Collegiate Professor of Public Health, has been named to the National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council of the National Institutes of Health for a term that began Dec. 1 and is effective through Nov. 30, 2001.