The University Record, January 17, 2000

Scholars to hit the road again

By Jane R. Elgass

Illustration by Patricia Duque
Thirty-two faculty members from 14 schools and colleges and the Dearborn and Flint campuses have been selected to participate in the second Road Scholars tour May 1–5.

“I am pleased with the mix of faculty selected for the May 2000 Road Scholar trip,” said Earl Lewis, dean of the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies. “The group includes people who have just recently joined the U-M, some who have been here for several years and a few who have been at the U-M their entire career. With the 1999 trip we found that a similar mix of faculty laid the groundwork for many positive exchanges and even set the stage for later collaboration.

“With one successful Road Scholar trip accomplished,” Lewis added, “I eagerly anticipate the ways in which this second group of faculty will learn and interact with community presenters all over the state, develop interdisciplinary connections within the U-M community and basically have an experience that they will remember as a highlight of their years as U-M faculty members.”

The traveling seminar is designed to expose participants to the state’s economy, government and politics, culture, educational systems, health and social issues, history, and geography. Designed to increase mutual knowledge and understanding between the University and the people and communities of the state, the tour introduces participants to the places most U-M students call home, encourages service to the public, and suggests ways faculty can help address state issues through research.

Tour planning and administration are handled by the State Outreach Office in the Office of the Vice President for Government Relations. The project coordinator is Susan Froelich, associate director of state outreach.

The scholars who will call a bus home for several days in May are, by unit:

College of Engineering—Michael Atzmon, associate professor; Aline J. Cotel, assistant professor; Joanna Mirecki Millunchick, assistant professor; John A. Nees, assistant research scientist; and William W. Schultz, associate professor.

College of Pharmacy—Duane Kirking, professor and division head.

Law School Library—Margaret A. Leary, director and librarian.

LS&A: Department of Biology—Laura J. Olsen, associate professor. Department of English—June M. Howard, associate professor; Eric S. Rabkin, professor; David W. Thomas, assistant professor. International Institute—Carol W. Dickerman, director. Department of Near Eastern Studies—Norman Yoffee, professor and acting chair. Department of Physics—Myron K. Campbell, professor. Department of Sociology—Reynolds Farley, professor (also research scientist, Population Studies Center).

School of Art and Design—Jan-Henrik Andersen, assistant professor.

School of Business Administration—Jaideep Anand, assistant professor; Sudheer Gupta, assistant professor.

School of Dentistry—Sondra M. Gunn, assistant professor emerita.

Medical School—Sumer B. Pek, professor; Margaret Punch, clinical associate professor; Anjanette M. Stoltz, clinical instructor.

School of Music—Michael Gould, assistant professor.

School of Natural Resources and Environment—Daniel G. Brown, associate professor.

School of Nursing—Seonae Yeo, associate professor.

School of Public Health—Rosemary Rochford, assistant professor.

School of Social Work—Charles Garvin, professor.

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning—Inam Aseem, assistant professor; Patrick S. McGovern, assistant professor.

U-M-Dearborn—Sridhar Lakshmanan, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering.

U-M-Flint—Robert W. Barnett, associate professor of English, and Paul E. O’Donnell, professor and chair, Department of Foreign Languages.