The University Record, July 3, 2000

Bees and bugs, beware of the bog!

Rodger Keller, senior horticultural assistant at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, holds the flower of a monkey cup (Nepenphes bicalcarata), a carnivorous plant that catches bees and wasps. The left inset above shows a pitcher plant (Sarracemia sp.), the flower of which Keller opened in the right inset to show its internal structure. The carnivorous plants—ones that attract and devour insects and an occasional small rodent—are all ones that live in the new, living bog area in the warm temperate room at the Gardens’ conservatory. The living bog is one of the most popular displays and is being replicated by faculty from another university. An entire class can gather round and touch the plants as they learn about bladderworts, buttercups and Venus fly traps. Photos by Marcia L. Ledford, U-M Photo Services

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