The University Record, July 3, 2000

Photo Stories: U tests ‘TH!NK city’ car

Parking and Transportation Services last month conducted a week-long demonstration of a Ford ‘TH!NK city’ vehicle as the unit continues to investigate ways in which it can incorporate alternative fuels for the U-M’s fleet vehicles.

‘We’re excited to try yet another alternative fuel vehicle,’ said Patrick Cunningham (above), director of Parking and Transportation Services. ‘We currently have six electric vehicles in service, but they are trucks. This vehicle is a small sedan, and we think we have the perfect fleet to include electric cars. Many of our vehicles have very limited mileage needs per day—mostly just driving around campus. Besides emitting less air pollution, the electric cars are quieter, a benefit when driving near our classroom buildings.’

The two-passenger sedan, which operates exclusively with electricity from nickel cadmium batteries, has a range of about 50 miles per charge and a maximum speed near 60 miles per hour. The car has a thermoplastic, non-corrosive body. Additional information regarding the electric car is on the Web at Photo by Bill Wood, U-M Photo Services