The University Record, July 3, 2000

Photo Stories: Lighting up campus

Outside Lighting electricians Dan Stenquist (left) and Brent Wood (right) are shown at left completing some of the final steps in installing a lamppost outside of Betsey Barbour Residence Hall. The wiring and cement base for the posts positioned around the building were already in place. The lighting placed around Betsey Barbour, Helen Newberry Hall, the Student Publications Bldg., and the News and Information Services Bldg. in May was part of a project that stretched around Division and State streets. The Lighting crew also simultaneously worked on projects near the School of Music and Space Analysis buildings. The crew installs campus lighting in several phases, systematically finishing a lamp’s cement base, for example, at all the ongoing sites and then returning a week or two later to the first location to start the next step. Photos by Britt Halvorson