The University Record, July 3, 2000

New parking year arrives; some spaces converted to ‘blue’

By Diane Brown
Facilities and Operations

July 1 marked the beginning of the new parking permit year. Be sure that you are displaying the new stickers or hang tags. This is the first time the parking permit year corresponds to the fiscal year; previously, the permits began in September.

In addition to the new permit season, many parking spaces have been re-designated throughout campus. The majority of the changes were made to maximize the number of blue spaces and to simplify the color tiers by eliminating the “green” designation and using the “orange” tier to include off-site locations. Free parking, which does not require a permit, has been re-located to the Park-N-Ride lots around the perimeter of the city along Ann Arbor Transit Authority bus routes.

A total of 88 metered spaces will be converted to blue spaces during the next few weeks. Some of the meters were underutilized, while others are being converted partially to address the spaces that will be closed due to the Palmer Drive area construction. The new blue spaces are near Revelli Hall (SC7), State/Monroe (S5), News & Information Services/Student Activities Building (W13), Zina Pitcher/Ann (M27), Markley Hall (M28) and North Ingalls Building (M64). Additionally, 10 metered spaces near the Administrative Services Building (SC4) were converted to yellow spaces.

Forty-four spaces at off-site locations were re-designated from blue to orange—209 Madison (W21), the Argus buildings (W24) and the North Campus Fire Station (NC54).

The former “green” lots at Crisler Arena (SC6), Keech and Main (SC36), and Glazier Way (NC51), totaling 1742 spaces, are now orange. This change also created a “domino effect” for two nearby lots that were changed from orange to yellow—Plant Operations (SC5) and Department of Public Safety (SC16).

In all, 15 lots were affected by the space re-designation. Be sure to check the signs posted at parking lot entrances to ensure your parking tag is permitted before leaving your vehicle. The new information also is on the Parking and Transportation Services Web site,