The University Record, July 17, 2000

Lurie bells ring out

Individuals who attended the July 10 carillon recital featuring Suzanne Magassy, a carillonist at the National Carillon in Canberra, Australia, are shown above exploring the uppermost floors of Lurie Tower. Visitors had an opportunity to view the carillon’s 60 bells, ranging in weight from six tons to 20 pounds each, after the program.

The recital was part of the popular ‘Seven Mondays at Seven’ International Carillon Recital Series sponsored by the School of Music, the College of Engineering, and Jim and Millie Irwin. During performances, audience members situated on the grass may watch a live television broadcast from the playing room located among the bells.

The Lurie Carillon is played from a mechanical action keyboard that produces loud or soft sounds depending on how hard the keys (played with loosely-closed fists) or pedals (played with the feet) are struck. Carillon recitals featuring guest carillonists and Margo Halsted, university carillonist and associate professor of music (campanology), will be held at 7 p.m. today (July 17), July 24 and July 31. Photo by Britt Halvorson