The University Record, June 19, 2000

Bioinformatics program announces pilot grant recipients

From the Program in Bioinformatics

The Program in Bioinformatics has selected five collaborative research proposals in bioinformatics to fund through a pilot grant.

For the funding program, bioinformatics was viewed as a field that elucidates and quantifies the interactions that link the numerous hierarchical levels of organization in an organism. Levels range from DNA sequence to integrated behavior of the intact organism in its environment.

Collaborative proposals that dealt with the development of widely applicable methods and global approaches were particularly encouraged. Eligible investigators included members of the University’s regular instructional and research track faculty and Parke-Davis employees who are collaborating with a University investigator.

The following proposals were selected for up to $75,000 of funding for one year:

  • “Genetic & Biochemical Bases of Evolutionary Changes,” Julian Adams, professor and chair, Department of Biology, and Eric Olson, adjunct associate professor of microbiology and immunology and Parke-Davis employee.

  • “A Proteomic Study of the Role of Metal Ions in Biology,” Carol Fierke, professor of chemistry and of biological chemistry, and James Penner-Hahn, professor of chemistry.

  • “Improving the Bioinformatics and Statistical Analysis of SAGE Data,” Jeffrey Innis, associate professor of human genetics and of pediatrics and communicable diseases, and H.V. Jagadish, professor of electrical engineering and computer science.

  • “Validation of cDNA Microarray-Derived Data,” Jill Macoska, assistant professor of surgery, and Jeremy Taylor, director, Biostatistics Core, Cancer Center, and professor of biostatistics.

  • “Computational Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Large-Scale Proteomics Data: An Integrated Knowledge Discovery Approach,” George Michailidis, visiting assistant professor of statistics; Jeremy Taylor; Kerby Shedden, assistant professor of statistics; Samir Hanash, professor of pediatrics and communicable diseases; and Ruth Van Bogelen, Department of Molecular Biology, Parke-Davis.