The University Record, March 6, 2000

No such thing as a free lunch?

To celebrate National Nutrition Month, the University’s Dining Services has scheduled activities that promote healthy eating around the theme “Food and Fitness: Health for a Lifetime.”

In addition to providing information at residence halls dining facilities, nutrition specialist Barbara Howe will be on hand at dining halls during lunch and dinner throughout the month for students who have questions about food choices or wish to discuss the menus.

Howe also is available all year to talk to students or faculty and staff about food and mood, brain food, metabolism and weight, vitamins and minerals, vegetarian eating, sports nutrition, stress busters and more. She can be reached at (734) 647-2614.

Students who regularly patronize the residential dining halls will find quizzes and crossword puzzles on nutrition topics liberally sprinkled around the dining tables. Students who answer all the quiz questions correctly are eligible for a drawing for prizes at the end of the month.

Faculty and staff can win a prize, too—lunch at one of the residence hall facilities with Howe and a chance to discuss nutrition with her. Just print the quick quiz below, mark answers and send it to Howe, Nutrition, Betsey Barbour Hall 1328, with your name, department, campus address and phone number. The winner will be announced in the Record in April. We’ll print the answers then, too.

True or False:

T FVitamins are a good source of energy
TF Snacking may keep you from overeating
TF The right exercises help you “spot reduce”
T F Plant proteins need to be carefully combined at each meal
T F You need to avoid any food with more than 30% calories from fat
T F There are 44 cubes of sugar in a regular 32-oz. soda pop
T FA vitamin supplement can make up for a poor eating plan
T FTaking large amounts of anti-oxidants prevents cancer
TFBody fat burns more energy than muscle
TFBeing physically active takes a lot of work