The University Record, March 6, 2000

Capital outlay request totals $430 million

By Jane R. Elgass

At their February meeting, the Regents received information on the capital outlay requests for fiscal year 2001 that were submitted to the state in November 1999. Because of a process change and a tight time-line, “the State asked for a good-faith effort in submitting the plan, recognizing that the plan will continue to develop,” noted Robert Kasdin, executive vice president and chief financial officer.

The process change requires submission of a five-year request and also includes new requirements for identifying special maintenance needs. Kasdin said the University will update its plan annually, adding and deleting projects as future needs become more clear.

Among the items submitted was a facility assessment, describing the current process of evaluating renovation and repair needs for buildings and their value. The University’s energy master plan, parking facilities, classroom utilization rates and space management, and overall campus master planning efforts also were included.

The documents also outline an implementation plan that identified major projects, projects in process, the impact of structural repair deferment, operational cost-savings programs and a discussion of distance learning.

Of the 13 projects in the request, two are high priority—Dana Building renovation and School of Public Health buildings renovation.

Renovation of Dana has been under way for the past several years. The request covers new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and completion of the air conditioning system. “Program spaces will be reconfigured to meet the needs of the School of Natural Resources and Environment, and problems of accessibility and fire safety will be resolved,” Kasdin noted.

The project and appointment of an architect were approved by the Regents in March 1999. In December 1999, the state appropriated 75 percent of the $15 million estimated cost.

The School of Public Health project will upgrade the Henry F. Vaughan Building to meet teaching and research needs, renew building systems, and bring it up to current fire, life safety and accessibility codes. It also will make possible physical reorganization of programs to further joint- and cross-discipline research. The estimated cost is $40 million.

Fiscal 2001 Capital Outlay Request


Cost (000s)
Authorized in Act 538 of 1998
Dana Building Renovation $ 15,000
Not yet authorized
School of Public Health renovation $ 40,000
Rackham Building renovation $ 25,000
Hill Auditorium renovation $ 30,000
Life Sciences Learning Center $ 37,000
Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
(addition to Lorch Hall)
$ 16,000
Medical School Education Center $ 80,000
Frieze Building renovation $ 45,000
Microelectromechanical System Facility (MEMS) $ 45,000
Clinical Trials Building $ 15,000
Hatcher Graduate Library renovation $ 35,000
E.H. Krause Natural Science Building Renovation $ 15,000
Computer Science Building $ 32,000
Total $430,000