The University Record, March 6, 2000

U tops in research dollars

For the eighth year in a row, the University has the largest volume of research, as measured by dollars spent on research and scholarly work through sponsored activity and institutional funds.

The ranking is based on results of an annual survey of research expenditures by colleges and universities conducted by the National Science Foundation. The figures are based on fiscal year 1998.

The top 10 institutions are:


FY1998 FY1997 % .chg
U-M$497 M $483 M 2.9
UCLA$447 M $375 M 9.2
Wisc-Madison$444 M $420 M 5.7
Washington$432 M $410 M 5.3
UC-Berkeley$420 M $356 M 18.0
UC-San Diego$419 M $378 M 10.8
MIT$413 M $411 M 0.5
Johns Hopkins*$411 M $421 M -2.4
Stanford$410 M $395 M 3.8
Texas A&M$394 M $367 M 7.3

*Total excludes R&D expenditures for the federal Applied Physics Laboratory on the Johns Hopkins campus.

From the Office of the Vice President for Research