The University Record, March 13, 2000

For the record . . .

A letter to the editor last week (March 6) from faculty and researchers objecting to the University’s support of the Michigamua Society should have contained the following signatures in the print version:

Fernando Coronil, anthropology and history; Richard Ford, anthropology and biology; Lemuel A. Johnson, English; Patricia Gurin, psychology; Geoffrey H. Eley, history; Katherine Verdery, anthropology; and Thomas E. Weisskopf, Residential College and economics. The letter, including signatures of an additional 101 faculty members and researchers, is available on the Web version of the March 6 issue,

Nutritionist Barbara Howe’s telephone number was incorrectly listed as 763-1683 in the March 6 issue. That is her fax number. Anyone interested in reaching Howe to request a presentation on nutrition should call her at 647-2614.