The University Record, March 13, 2000

LS&A Faculty Meeting Roundup

By Theresa Maddix

At their March 6 meeting, LS&A faculty voted on proposed changes to the Faculty Code.

The following changes (in bold) passed unanimously:

  • A 3.03 Sec 3 Regular Meetings: A regular meeting of the faculty will be held on the first Mondays of October, December, February and April.

  • A 5.02 Sec 2 Appointments h. A distinguished university professorship title may be retained after retirement.

  • A 5.02 Sec 2 Appointments i. Distinguished Collegiate Professorships . . .The College of LS&A is permitted as many such Distinguished Collegiate Professorships as are authorized by the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

  • A 6.04 Sec 4 Retirement: The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts subscribes to all University of Michigan policies regarding retirement.

    The faculty voted unanimously for the following changes in wording for the entire Faculty Code:

  • Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • LS&A Living Learning Programs

  • LS&A Academic Information and Publications

  • LS&A Academic Advising Center

  • LS&A academic advisers

    The faculty unanimously voted to delete sections on the Advisory Committee for College Publications, Committee on Examinations, and the Committee on Teacher Education and Certification.

    The motion to delete the Steering Committee on Admissions from the Code was tabled.

    Jens Zorn, professor of physics, amended the proposed wording in A 2.06 Sec 6 The Committee on Curriculum to appropriate associate dean. He feels the individual should always hold an associate dean title, ensuring attendance at the LS&A executive committee meetings, thus, a smooth communications flow.

    Herbert Eagle, associate professor of Slavic languages and literatures, spoke on behalf of Thomas Weisskopf, director of the Residential College (RC), and other RC colleagues to request an amendment to the change of A 2.06 Sec 6: The Committee on Curriculum. His proposed amendment passed unanimously. The section will now read “receive reports from the Residential College, all Living-Learning Programs that are administered by LS&A, and from departmental curriculum committees on changes made in their teaching and curriculum.”