The University Record, March 20, 2000

7-digit dialing on its way out

From the Information Technology Division

Seven-digit dialing will be eliminated this year for those of us in the 810 and 734 telephone area codes. We will then have to dial 1 plus the area code plus the seven-digit phone number for all calls—whether local or long distance—including calls within the same area code.

Instead of adding new area codes by splitting existing areas into smaller areas, each with its own distinct area code, “overlay” area codes are now being used. Existing customers will keep their current area codes, but new customers will get the new overlay area codes. New residents, for example, may have different area codes from those of their neighbors.

The cost of telephone calls will not be affected by the new overlay area codes, and on-campus five-digit dialing will not be affected.

The Flint area (area code 810) got an overlay area code (586) Feb. 5; seven-digit dialing within area codes 810 and 586 will be eliminated May 6.

The Ann Arbor area (area code 734) will get an overlay area code (278) on July 8; seven-digit dialing within area codes 734 and 278 will be eliminated Nov. 4.

Seven-digit dialing will be eliminated within the 248 and 313 area codes next year.

Plan ahead now to include your area code on business cards and other printed materials. Also, plan to add the appropriate area codes to phone numbers stored in any equipment that automatically dials phone numbers, such as modems and fax machines.