The University Record, May 22, 2000

Police Beat

By Rebecca A. Doyle

Rape charge under investigation

Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers are investigating a report that a female student was sexually assaulted by a male acquaintance on April 18. The woman, a resident of West Quadrangle Residence Hall, reported that she had met the man earlier in the evening at a bar. They later walked back to her room, where the alleged assault took place. The woman’s complaint states that she fell asleep and when she awoke the assault was in progress. Officers report that alcohol was involved in the incident.

Northwood V resident reports sexual assault

A woman who is a resident in a Northwood V family housing unit reported on April 30 that she had been sexually assaulted in her home the night before. When officers responded to the unit, the woman told them that she had known the alleged assailant for approximately three years, that she had met him at a homeless shelter and that he had made other visits to her home.

Report of forcible fondling at Hospital unfounded

DPS officers were contacted by a representative of Child Protective Services in Livingston County on April 26 and informed of a report that a 10-year-old boy who had been undergoing treatment for leukemia in 1998 had been fondled during his period of treatment at University Hospitals. When DPS officers contacted the mother of the boy, they were informed that the boy had been treated at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. They forwarded the report to officials in Detroit.

Warrant denied in hazing incident

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor will not issue a warrant in connection with a March 26 incident that DPS officers are calling an aggravated assault. Victims in the alleged assault said that fraternity members poured cleaning solutions on their faces, causing chemical burns, but would not cooperate with officers in any further investigation.

Rash of fires plagues DPS, AAFD

Both Ann Arbor Fire Department and DPS personnel were called out to more than 27 deliberately set fires between April 14 and May 16, DPS Deputy Director James Smiley says. Fires have been spotted mainly in trash containers, dumpsters, on kiosks and on telephone poles in areas near the Diag, the Michigan Union, on South State Street and at bus stops.

“We have been following a number of leads, but do not have anyone in custody,” said Diane Brown, spokesperson at Facilities and Operations. “We have had discussions with the Ann Arbor Police Department and compared our patterns and results with some they have experienced.” Brown said the fires have been reported by business owners, faculty, staff, passersby and DPS officers.

Car thieves’ attempt foiled

A woman who works in the Intramural Sports Building reported on April 8 that two men had approached her car at a stop sign and tried to enter it. She reported the incident to DPS officers as an attempted theft of her car.

The woman told officers that when she stopped her car at the stop sign on the corner of Hill and East University streets she saw two subjects approaching her car. They pounded on her window and tried to open both the front passenger door and the rear door on the driver’s side, she said. She quickly drove through the intersection and called DPS as soon as she arrived at work. The woman was able to describe both men and officers are continuing to investigate the incident.