The University Record, November 22, 1999


Shut Down, Turn Off, Unplug.

The University is confident that it has done everything it can to be ready for Jan. 1. Many staff members have worked very hard to be sure that there will be no serious problems at the U-M. However, since it is impossible to know exactly what will happen until it does, plans have been made to meet the demands that a power outage or other major event might cause. You can help by following these requests:

Shut down your computer before you leave for the holidays.

Turn off your computer, lights and any other electrical apppliances in your office.

Unplug everything and close your doors.

Core staff members have been asked to be available. Unless you have been specifically asked to come in to the U-M, please stay home. If regular communication channels are not working, emergency status and messages will be broadcast on area radio stations, to be announced at a later date.