The University Record, October 11, 1999


Waller receives lifetime achievement award

Patricia Waller, senior research scientist emeritus and former director of the Transportation Research Institute, received the Michigan State Safety Commission’s lifetime achievement award at the fourth annual Michigan Traffic Safety Summit in May. Waller was recognized in part for centering her research on the support of legislative initiatives, including the concept of graduated licenses for young, beginning drivers. She also led a federal project that developed a model program for licensing and monitoring drivers of large trucks, which served as the basis for the commercial drivers license.

Levine, Underwood, Reed awarded $195,000 grant

Jonathan Levine, associate professor of urban planning; Steven Underwood, assistant research scientist, electrical engineering and computer science; and Thomas Reed, assistant research scientist, electrical engineering and computer science, have been awarded a $195,000 grant to develop a strategic plan for transit in the state of Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Transportation, sponsor of the planning project, wants to examine regional service between metropolitan areas, coordination between adjacent transit providers and more transit-friendly land-use patterns. The project will seek input from a broad range of people through focus groups and surveys.

Algase receives Excellence Award

Donna L. Algase, associate professor of nursing and director of academic programs, School of Nursing, and faculty associate, Institute of Gerontology, received the 1999 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation Excellence in Research Award for clinical research. Her research, “Estimates of Stability of Daily Wandering Behavior Among Cognitively Impaired Long-Term Care Residents,” appears in the May/June 1997 issue of Nursing Research. The award provides $10,000 to conduct clinical or health policy research.