The University Record, September 7, 1999

Dearborn establishes software engineering degree

By Tracy Balazy

“Computer software pervades the everyday life of people and organizations worldwide. It is critical that such software be reliable, useful and cost-effective,” says Kenneth Modesitt, chair of the U-M-Dearborn Department of Computer and Information Science.

To help ensure that those needs are met, a master’s degree program in software engineering begins this fall at Dearborn, geared for working professionals interested in an advanced degree in designing and maintaining large-scale software systems.

“Software engineering is certainly concerned with producing a product, but even more concerned with improving the process. This allows you to replicate quality products time after time,” Modesitt explains. “We must have a well-defined process, good methods, good tools and good people. This degree program will help students learn the process and give them the tools and methods that will allow them to build high-quality products on a continuous basis.”

Core classes in the 30-hour curriculum will include an overview and theoretical basis for new systems, while concentration areas will focus on software design, process management and safety; user interfaces; intelligent systems; information engineering; and advanced software techniques. Students will be required to complete a thesis or project.

The program will offer year-round evening classes so working professionals can pursue a degree on a part-time basis. Modesitt anticipates a fall enrollment of 40-50 individuals.