The University Record, September 20, 1999


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Thank you

On Sept. 10 I retired from the University of Michigan. I wish to thank every single department within the University that I have done business with over the years.

If I forgot a few, I’m very sorry. Those that deserve a special thank you are Grace Park (Purchasing), Bonnie Woods (Cashier’s Office), Bobbie Abend and her crew (Zone Maintenance), Jan Weiner (Financial Operations), and Sally York (Building Services).

Without you and all the other University of Michigan employees, I couldn’t have survived in the position I held at U of M.

I thank you all for your cooperation over the years.

George Perrault, Air Force ROTC


Reader would like to see locally owned shops in State St. area

Reading the article on State Street vitality, I wished that I’d been sent a survey, if only to be able to point out to the researchers that had they investigated the area on foot and in depth they would have found that there is indeed a grocery store in the State St. area, on William—the White Market. It is locally owned, has a good selection of foods including fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meat, dairy, a salad bar, prepared sandwiches, bagels and coffee and a rapid turnover which guarantees short shelf life and freshness. Since Kresge’s left the corner of State and North U, some variety store items have been available at Decker Drugs on State St., also locally owned, with a pharmacy as well. Both these locally owned business fill needs for people who live and/or work in the area.

I would hope that there is no idea of tinkering around and bringing in branches of large chains which, after they drive out local businesses, will either jack up their prices or go under. I see that on State St. Elmo’s T-shirts—locally owned—closed, moved out, when the branch of a larger company moved in.

Certainly Borders should have its hands slapped for moving to the outskirts, a loss to the area and to their employees. And the old Tally Hall building looks like a prime spot for an Arthur Miller Theatre. Both these large places need help to be filled appropriately. But the market seemed to work well in filling vacancies left by a departing upscale jeweler and an upscale clothier on Maynard St., where there is now a restful oasis—the new Natural Healing store—and a bike shop, with colorful bikes, their pennants fluttering in the wind. The State St. area seems to reinvent itself in terms of small businesses, maybe not in ways I’d like, but always interesting to watch. I’ll look to the Record to keep us up to date on what’s happening behind the scenes.

Sharon K. Wieland, secretary, UMHS alternate revenue