The University Record, September 27, 1999

Social Security Statements to be mailed in October

In October, the Social Security Administration will begin an initial mailing of Social Security Statements (formerly known as the Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement) to all workers age 25 and older who are not already receiving monthly Social Security benefits.

The four-page statement provides estimates of the monthly Social Security retirement, disability and survivors benefits workers and their families could be eligible to receive now and in the future.

The University contributes a matching amount of Social Security and Medicare taxes, serving as a base for retirement planning when combined with a pension and individual savings.

The statement also makes it possible for workers to determine if their earnings are accurately posted on their Social Security record. This is important because future benefits are based on an individual’s Social Security earnings record. Recipients should make sure the name and SSN on record with the University matches the information on their Social Security card.

Information on correcting inaccuracies or missing earnings is on the form.

In future years, workers will receive the statements annually, about three months before their birth month.

Those with questions about the statements should visit the local Social Security office, call (800) 772-1213 or visit the Web at