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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

University move-in traffic and parking


The U-M class of 2013 will arrive in Ann Arbor soon, and University Housing is organizing its annual Student Move-In program. 

This year’s program will begin at 7 a.m. Sept. 2 and will conclude at 6 p.m. Sept. 4.

Every year, University Housing hosts this program to minimizethe impact on the Ann Arbor and campus communities while at the same time accommodating the needs of new and returning students. To that end, some streets in the immediate vicinity of residence halls will see some traffic-flow alterations.

Traffic alterations are:

• Thompson Street: One-way traffic flow southbound between Jefferson and Packard.

• East Madison Street: One-way traffic flow eastbound between Thompson and State.

• East Ann Street: One-way traffic flow eastbound between Zina Pitcher and Observatory.

• Observatory: One-way traffic flow southbound between East Ann and Geddes.

Most, if not all, parking meters in the immediate vicinity of residence halls will be bagged and reserved for students and families who display the proper Move-In parking permit. Additional parking changes will affect university parking lots that will be converted to move-in use only for the duration of the program.

University lots that will be affeccted are:

• Lot W-18 (on Thompson Street).

• Lot W-16 (on Thompson Street), commonly called the "triangle lot."

• Lot M-28 (on Washington Heights) will be dedicated to Move-In on Sept. 1.

• Lot E-2 (on North University Court across from Stockwell Hall).

• Palmer Commons Parking Structure:  Though the structure will remain in normal operation, it will be available for Move-In participants to park.

Uniformed Housing Security Officers and University Police Officers will aid in maintaining efficient traffic-flow in the Move-In areas.

The Ann Arbor Transit Authority ( and University Parking and Transportation Services ( will change some bus routes to accommodate the changes in traffic flow.

For additional information about Student Move-In, go to