Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Students, staff carve 'extreme' pumpkins

In the second annual Extreme Pumpkin contest, six teams from Residential Dining Services staff carved up their best jack o’lantern and pumpkin art designs at Hill Dining Center. A panel awarded “Judges Choice” to students Caitlin Snow and Keely Browning, who work in the RDS bakery in Alice Lloyd Hall.

In addition to the carnivorous jack o’lantern, Frankenstein’s monster and President Obama, there were sculptures that celebrated “Go Blue,” “Stay in the Blue,” and the Big House on game day.

“Extreme Pumpkin is one of my favorite culinary competition events,” said RDS Executive Chef Steven Meyers, “because it is associated with Halloween, wildly creative, involves team work, is almost too much fun, and the door is wide open for any student or AFSCME staff person to take away the prize.”

Caitlin Snow and Keely Browning, who work in the RDS bakery in Alice Lloyd Hall, won the Judges' Choice award with their carnviorous jack o' lantern. (Photos by Peter Logan)


Tracy Duval and Ricki Ballard from West Quad dining created their version of President Obama.


Magnolia Kwong and Andrea Sherzer from the Alloyd Hall bakery used a pumpkin cut in hal to depict the Big House on game day.


Bonnie Martinez and Chris Swift of the Lloyd Hall bakery took the "Crowd Favorite" award with their anti-alcohol abuse message.


Judy Eberline of the Bursley Hall dining staff created a spirited series of pumpkins proclaiming "Go Blue!"