Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Faculty governance group adds its support of
MSA president

The Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs added its voice Monday in support of Michigan Student Assembly President Christopher Armstrong, who has been targeted by an individual because of his sexual orientation.

The measure approved by the executive committee of U-M’s faculty governance organization reads as follows:


• Read President Mary Sue Coleman’s statement in support of Chris Armstrong.

“The Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs, on behalf of the University Senate and Senate Assembly, joins with the university community in condemnation of Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell’s unprovoked attacks of Michigan Student Assembly President Christopher Armstrong over matters of only personal concern.

“We are impressed by President Armstrong’s strength as an individual and as the student government leader for this year. We hope President Armstrong will continue to enjoy even more support in this matter and we call upon Assistant Attorney General Shirvell to stop his unjustifiable actions.

“In particular, we find the notion that sexual orientation is a matter of choice not supported by science.

“The faculty of the University of Michigan condemns all forms of bullying or mobbing in public or private both within the University community and from external entities.  It calls on victims of such practices to report instances to their peer communities and to appropriate law enforcement authorities.  Further the faculty calls on authorities who are apprised of these condemned behaviors to provide the complainant with a report of findings and appropriate remedies.”

The committee further stated it would submit the statement to E. Royster Harper, vice president for student affairs, to ensure it conforms to other official U-M statements on this issue and with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.