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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nominations for Academic Women’s Caucus awards due Nov. 22

The Academic Women’s Caucus is seeking nominations for the 2011 Sarah Goddard Power Award, and the Rhetaugh G. Dumas Progress In Diversifying Award. The nominating deadline for both awards is Nov. 22.

2011 Sarah Goddard Power Award

To qualify for this award, the candidate should have made significant contributions to the development of the status of women at U-M in addition to demonstrating exceptional leadership, notable scholarship or significant professional accomplishments.1

Nominations will be assessed based on the candidate’s sustained effort at the university to improve the condition of women, to change women’s situations within the institution, and to change women’s situations in the community external to the institution. Academic achievement is a characteristic of the winners of this award.

To nominate someone for this award, go to

Rhetaugh G. Dumas Progress In Diversifying Award

This award recognizes outstanding institutional initiative in demonstrating notable progress by academic units in achieving ethnic/racial and gender diversity in the professor, clinical professor, research professor and research scientist faculty ladders/tracks. Achievement of a diverse faculty requires an institutional commitment to change that transcends the impact of individual actors.

The AWC accepts academic units’ self-nominations only. The self-nomination form has two parts. For instructions and a chart format, go to