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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New enclosed, secured bike parking available


Dilip Das, assistant vice provost for academic affairs, locks his bicycle at one of floor loops in the new bike storage facility. (Photo by Grant Winston, Parking & Transportation Services)


More information

• To rent space in the facility, please contact Parking Customer Services at 734-764-8291.

Click here for alternative transportation options to save money and help reduce the university's carbon footprint.

Whether biking recreationally or commuting to work or class, cyclists will be able to take advantage of new enclosed and secured bicycle parking on Central Campus.

The bike storage facility is located on the south side of the Thompson Street parking structure and has the capacity for 50 bicycles in a combination of wall-mounted racks and floor loops.

The facility opens today.

"Bicycling is an excellent means of alternative transportation on campus, and the opening of the new facility is another step forward in supporting our cyclists," says Steve Dolen, director of Parking & Transportation Services.

Rental of bicycle storage space is $72 per parking permit year (July through June) or $6 per month. The fee must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

An air compressor also is available in the storage area to inflate bicycle tires at no cost.

When parked at a bike rack, bicycles should be secured through the frame and one or both of the wheels. While quick-release front wheels are the easiest to be removed, the rear wheel actually has more value components; both can be targets for thieves.

As a reminder, bicycles should be parked only at designated bike racks and should not be taken into university buildings. Bicycles parked such that they block sidewalks or roadways are subject to citation and impoundment by the Department of Public Safety.