Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, May 6, 2011

UM-SJTU Joint Institute partners with Covidien to promote global education

The U-M-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI) and Covidien, a leading global provider of health care products, have announced a collaborative program to promote innovation through education in China.

Commencing in June, this collaboration will provide grants and financing for more than 200 undergraduates and graduates over a three-year period, to take advantage of several programs designed to enhance innovation, engineering and research, with a focus on developing solutions that will benefit worldwide health care.

The grants comprise several fellowships, design projects and Entrepreneurial Innovation Workshops throughout the scholastic year aimed at providing joint institute students with the skills needed to compete on a global level.

Robert Parker, deputy dean of the joint institute, says: "Our aim at UM-SJTU Joint Institute is to contribute to global education, and a partnership with an industry leader in medical devices is an excellent way to achieve this. With the help from Covidien, more students can enjoy the education at the joint institute, more students can learn how to use their ideas to create impacts, and more students will have the opportunity of applying their knowledge and creativity to solve medical problems and potentially saving lives."

Paul Hermes, chief technology officer medical devices at Covidien, says: "We are excited about this partnership with the elite UM-SJTU Joint Institute as it will give the students world-class knowledge and confidence to be successful in the challenging local and global medical device market. As a company, we are committed to promoting scientific knowledge, medical advancement and the delivery of effective health care."

Zhongqin Lin, deputy president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University says: "Practical experience that comes from industry partnerships is highly valuable for our students. This partnership between UM-SJTU JI and Covidien is an excellent start; we look forward to further and wider collaboration with Covidien in the future."

Alex Gu, vice president and general manager of Covidien, China, says: "This partnership gives students the rare opportunity to work with both industry and academia and will provide them a definite head-start in their careers. China currently has the third-largest medical device market in the world and through education and exploration, students here may be able to attain great rewards in this exciting market."