Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summaries of previous URC annual reports

Advanced Manufacturing (2010)

• Michigan's advanced manufacturing industry employs 381,351 workers, accounting for 10.3 percent of all employment (2007 data). Fully one-third of advanced manufacturing jobs in the Midwest are in Michigan.

• The average annual pay in the advanced manufacturing industry was $64,122.

• URC universities spent $101 million on advanced manufacturing R&D in 2009.

• URC universities are educating more than 14,000 students in engineering.

Life Sciences (2009)

• Michigan's life sciences industry employed more than 79,000 workers, accounting for 2.1 percent of all employment (2006 data).

• Between 1999 and 2006, life sciences industry employment grew by 10.7 percent while during that same time period manufacturing employment dropped by 24 percent.

• Life sciences annual pay averaged $83,494 in 2006.

• In 2008, URC universities spent $887 million on life sciences research and development.

• R&D expenditures grew 69 percent since the founding of the Life Sciences Corridor in 1999.

Alternative Energy Research and Development (2008)

• Michigan has a comparative advantage in biomass and wind compared to the energy potential in the other 49 states.

• URC universities spent more than $79.5 million on R&D related to alternative energy in 2007.

• Federal funding provided 71 percent ($56.8 million) of total R&D funding in alternative energy.

• More than 50 percent of all alternative energy R&D supported the auto industry.