Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tips from the Supervisor's Toolkit

How to approach a smoker, from the Supervisor's Toolkit

• Remember to be respectful, asking whether the individual is aware of our smoke-free environment policy.

• If you encounter a smoking visitor, you may want to show the person where it is OK to smoke.

• If talking to the person is uncomfortable, consider handing the smoker a pocket card that explains the policy. These can be downloaded from the smoke-free website.

Where can smokers go?

The sidewalks that border public thoroughfares are not included in the smoking ban. For example, this means:

• Someone can smoke on the sidewalks that border South University Avenue but cannot smoke on the walkways of the Diag.

• Smoking is allowed on the sidewalk along Murfin Road on North Campus but is not permissible in the parking lot of the Walgreen Center.

• Smokers can go to the sidewalk in front of the Michigan Union bordering South State Street but cannot smoke in the circle drive that is at the back of the building.

Smoking in personal vehicles is allowed but the policy says that the windows must be rolled up. Smoking is not allowed in university vehicles.