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Monday, September 12, 2011

Important U-M travel abroad health insurance policy and plan update

All faculty and staff traveling on university-related business now are automatically covered by a blanket health insurance plan that is provided by U-M at no cost to the individual or department. The change went into effect Sept. 1.


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University Health Service Travel Abroad Health Insurance plan

U-M Travel Registry

Trip Summary mobile site

The coverage also automatically covers accompanying spouses, domestic partners and dependents. To qualify, staff and faculty should register their travel in the U-M Travel Registry and also sign-in with the HTH Business plan.

U-M has contracted since 2008 with HTH Worldwide, a leader in international health insurance, to provide this coverage.

The new plan now consists of three polices for specific populations and types of travel, as well as blanket coverage for Political Security and Natural Disaster for all current members of the university community.

For personal or leisure travel, faculty, staff (and their spouses, domestic partners, and dependents) and current students will have access to a plan that was developed specifically for that purpose. The cost, unchanged from the previous year, is $1.25 per day plus a $5 administrative fee.

This new travel-abroad insurance plan follows Provost Phil Hanlon's June 15 announcement of a new policy for university-related travel abroad. It requires all students, staff and faculty traveling abroad for university-related purposes to have the U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance, and to register their travel in the U-M Travel Registry.

All students, faculty and staff from the Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint campuses are required to secure U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance whenever traveling for university-related study, research, business, internships, work or volunteer activities outside the United States. Students, faculty and staff also are encouraged to register personal travel abroad, to help the university contact them in case of emergency situations that may arise.

All travelers can purchase or enroll for coverage through the U-M Travel Registry.

Students, faculty and staff who have registered their travel in the Travel Registry can use a Trip Summary mobile site on their mobile devices.