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Monday, October 24, 2011

Complete list of 2011-12 U-M Fulbright winners


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U-M leads nation in Fulbright U.S. Student grants for 2011-12
The Fulbright U.S. Student Program at U-M

The 2011-12 U-M Fulbright U.S. Student grantees, their degrees*, the countries where they will be studying and their projects include:

• Irsida Bejo, M.Arch, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning (architecture), Albania; Reactivating Public Space in Tiran: Enabling New Continuities That Inform Urban Performance

• Jennifer Buison, B.S.E, College of Engineering (CoE) (civil engineering), Philippines; Housing Initiatives of Non-Government Organizations in Metropolitan Manila

• Edward Byrne, B.S.E., CoE (civil engineering), Norway; Proposed Study of Structural Engineering in Norway

• George Dong, B.A., LSA (English), China; Access to Higher Education: The Wa Ethnic Minority in Lincang, Yunnan

• Jacqueline Doremus, Ph.D., LSA (economics), Republic of Congo; Strategic Implications of Independent Forest Monitoring

• Georgia Ennis, B.A., LSA (Spanish), Ecuador; English teaching assistantship

• Matthew Gacioch, B.S., LSA (Program in the Environment), Indonesia; English teaching assistantship

• Jennifer Geiger, B.S., LSA (Program in the Environment), India; Arsenic-contaminated drinking water: Poisoning child development in West Bengal?

• Zachary Goldsmith, B.A., LSA (political science); Armenia, English teaching assistantship

• Elizabeth Gramm, M.F.A, LSA (creative writing); Turkey, English teaching assistantship

• Kamayani Gupta, B.S., LSA (brain, behavior and cognitive science), Malaysia; English teaching assistantship

• Dorothy Heebner, B.A., LSA (political science, economics), Taiwan; English teaching assistantship

• Adam Janosko, B.A., LSA (English language and literature), subsequent M.A., American University, Kenya; English teaching assistantship

• Hajin Jun, B.A., LSA (history, political science), South Korea; Hosanna, Mansei, or Banzai? Religion and Politics in the March First Movement

• Delvina Kolic, B.A., LSA (political science, history), Bulgaria; English teaching assistantship

• Kyle Locke, B.A., LSA (history), Spain; English teaching assistantship

• Carolyn Lusch, B.A., LSA (Spanish, creative writing), Spain; English teaching assistantship

• Katherine MacDuffie, B.S., LSA (neuroscience), New Zealand; Imagining the Future in the Context of Reward

• Powell Perng, B.S.E., CoE (biomedical engineering), Tanzania; Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening in Rural Villages of Bagamoyo District, Tanzania

• Kathryn Sederberg, Ph.D., LSA (German), Germany; Surviving the "Zero Hour": Women's Writing in Postwar Germany 1945

• Rohit Setty, Ph.D., School of Education (teaching and teacher education), India; Shaping Teacher Education: India's New National Curriculum for Teacher Education

• Catherine Shubert, B.A., LSA (English language and literature), subsequent M.S., University of Pennsylvania, Andorra; English teaching assistantship

• Charles Sullivan, Ph.D., LSA (Southeast Asian history), Indonesia; Changes in Political, Religious and Cultural Authority in Solo from 1800: A Southeast Asian Case

• Heather Tidrick, Ph.D., LSA (anthropology and social work), Hungary; Roma integration, Romological Knowledge, and Institutional Practices with Roma in Hungary

• Joseph Viscomi, Ph.D., LSA (anthropology and history), Italy; Morals, History, and Migration: A Historical Ethnography of Egypt Migrants in Italy

• Christine Walker, Ph.D., LSA (history), Jamaica; Jamaica's Motley Brood: How Widows, Slaves and Strumpets Created the British Empire

• Jasmine Way, M.S.E., CoE (industrial and operations engineering), France; English teaching assistantship

• Cynthia Yoon, B.A., LSA (political science, Asian studies), Vietnam; Vietnamese Brides in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

• Jacob Zunamon, B.A., LSA (history), Spain, English teaching assistantship

* - Degrees listed are either the highest degree attained or the degree currently in progress.