Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, November 11, 2011

U-M website promotes green computing practices

The recently launched Sustainable Computing website offers practical tips, advice and resources to campus computing members that can be used at work, school or home.

Click here for the Sustainable Computing website or email the group at

The site is part of the Planet Blue Sustainable Computing project. Its mission is to improve computing efficiency, promote green computing and IT practices, and encourage awareness that results in a sustainable computing lifestyle. 

In 2007 U-M joined the Climate Savers Computing initiative (CSCI @ U-M), a project set out to promote green computing practices and the adoption of smart computing technologies within the campus community. When the program commitment with Climate Savers ended, the university continued its green computing strategy under Planet Blue Sustainable Computing, which kicked off its efforts this fall.

Understanding that resources are in limited supply, faculty and staff from across campus have been coming together in the past several years to create a culture of sustainability when using technology — building a community of involved campus members, Information and Technology Services officials say. 

Green computing efforts on U-M's campus have sparked institutionwide change, inspiring students, employees and departments to use computers more efficiently, print wiser and recycle better. More than 50 units have been recognized by the Green IT Achievement Program for their efforts to improve the sustainability of computing in their area.

Other program accomplishments include the Power Down for the Planet Challenge, e-Waste Recycling events at Pioneer High School, and Computing Power and Patch Management implementation.

More work to bring about sustainable IT practice is under way. The Planet Blue Sustainable Computing website provides a means for individuals to stay connected and to learn what they can do to effect change on campus and beyond.