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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SACUA passes resolution regarding review of medical campus incident

The executive arm of U-M's faculty governance system Monday approved a resolution regarding the university's review of how a report of suspected child pornography possession was handled at the medical campus.

The Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs unanimously approved the resolution, which states "SACUA expects that the University will use this incident to carefully consider the recommendations" set forth in an earlier resolution approved by the Senate Assembly.

That earlier resolution, which was a response to the child sexual abuse scandal at Penn State, proposed several actions related to reporting and addressing criminal behavior on campus.

An internal review of how the report of the possible crime was handled has revealed gaps in university procedures that campus leaders are committed to correcting. University spokesperson Rick Fitzgerald says a full report from the review is expected soon. The medical resident charged with possession of child pornography no longer is working at the Health System.

Following SACUA's approval of its resolution Monday, SACUA member John Lehman, professor of biology, suggested the group should formally request an independent, external investigation. Other members, however, favored waiting to see the findings of the internal review first.