Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Thursday, August 30, 2012

College of Engineering transitioning to standard campus WiFi networks

One of the university’s goals for NextGen Michigan and IT Rationalization is to consolidate network support to enable faculty, staff, and students to access the campus network anytime from anywhere.


Click here for more information on the UM Wireless Network.

The College of Engineering is taking a leadership role in helping the university reach this goal by transitioning its wireless network to MWireless and the other standard WiFI networks on campus.

The Computer Aided Engineering Network (CAEN) managed the network for many years, meeting the high performance levels necessary to support CoE faculty, staff, and students. Now CAEN will transition its wireless infrastructure to MWireless, to enable students, faculty and staff from all units standard access to wireless networks when in CoE buildings.

“We recognize change is necessary to support NextGen Michigan. Transitioning the network to ITS helps the university reduce network complexity across campus, and also helps the college increase support for classroom/instructional technical environments, aspects of research computing and collaboration efforts,” says Paul Killey, executive director of information technology and CAEN at CoE.

The transition should be smooth for faculty, staff, and students. However, some changes will be noticeable. For example, the standard WiFi networks on campus (MWireless, MGuest, UMWireless) now are available within CoE facilities.

Faculty, staff, and students no longer need to log on to a unique CoE WiFi network. They can access the wireless network the same way, regardless of whether they are within the college’s facilities or popular buildings on Central Campus.

Users also get support for wireless service in the same way. Whether on Central Campus or at CoE, the ITS Service Center will handle questions and issues from faculty, staff, and students who may have problems connecting.