Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, September 21, 2012

Regents laud Coleman for leading in difficult times

President Mary Sue Coleman was lauded for leading the university during economically challenging times during her annual review at the Sept. 20 Board of Regents meeting.

"Clearly the president did an outstanding job in troubled times," Regent S. Martin Taylor said. "We need to do nothing more than open newspapers and see U-M is leading the way in so many categories. President Coleman has distinguished herself in so many ways."

Taylor concluded his remarks by recommending a 3 percent — or $17,574 — raise, which he called "a fairly modest increase."

"We wish it could be more," he said.

Coleman thanked the regents, and said she planned to donate her raise to study-abroad scholarships.

"Thanks for your support. It means everything to me," she said, adding she was happy to support scholarships. "I'm pleased to be able to do it. I want more students to study abroad."