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Friday, September 21, 2012

Regents OK property sale, infrastructure work, new MRI

The Board of Regents approved the following items at its meeting Thursday:

Sale of university-owned house authorized

The Board of Regents authorized the sale of the university-owned house at 1019 Ferdon Road in Ann Arbor. The property was listed at $529,000. A purchase price has been set at $530,000 and the sale will close in October. The net proceeds of the sale will benefit the university's General Fund.

Infrastructure work planned at Chemistry Building

Two chillers in the Chemistry Building will be replaced with more efficient units that are estimated to save $600,000 annually compared to the existing units that need to be replaced. The $7 million project is being funded from General Fund resources and is expected to be completed next fall.

Elevators to be replaced at MLB

The two elevators at the Modern Languages Building will be replaced in a $1.2 million project currently planned. The current units, installed when the building was constructed in 1972, will be replaced with new units with significantly lower operating and maintenance costs. Funding will be provided from General Fund resources, and is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2014.

University Hospital gets new ‘open’ MRI

A renovation of approximately 900 square feet in the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) suite at University Hospital is planned as part of a project that will replace an existing “closed” MRI scanner with a new “open” model that permits easier patient entry and provides increased comfort for patients who fear being in enclosed spaces. The U-M Hospitals and Health Centers are funding the $3.25 million project that is scheduled to be completed next spring.