Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Monday, March 25, 2013

What faculty are saying about the LSA Teaching Academy

Goals of the LSA Teaching Academy and what new faculty members say about how it helps them accomplish those goals.

Value good teaching: “It was heartening to see how dedicated the university is to teaching.”

Deepen understanding of how students learn: “I learned more about the latest educational research than in all my years of graduate school.”

Gather strategies for teaching: “I will definitely try some of the concrete suggestions I got regarding active learning.” “I came from another faculty position and wasn’t sure if I’d find it useful, but it really was. Thank you!”

Learn about U-M students: “The session topics nicely introduced us to the expectations of Michigan students and the teaching culture at Michigan.”

Learn about U-M resources and policies: “I have a new (and better) perspective on how to deal with various student issues.” “It was wonderful to have representatives from the dean’s office answering questions.”

Calibrate courses to U-M context: “I actually made some major changes to my syllabus for my grad seminar.”

Develop a cohort: “The workshop was very valuable for the camaraderie and introductions alone.”