Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The RTW program benefits the department, too

Kelly Hoard, UMHS Briarwood Radiology supervisor: "The Return to Work program is a fabulous opportunity for the employee who wants to come back to work but cannot due to work restrictions."

Janis Huff, clerical manager in UMHS radiology central services: "The RTW program has been a huge success for my area. I've had the pleasure of working with two RTW employees and both have been very positive experiences. Both have been very productive and have participated fully in our team's work."

Pamela Irish, administrative/project coordinator in Facilities Electrical Maintenance: "A restricted worker can help catch up, get ahead or even help maintain the work load. The three that I've worked with have all been great."

Val Palazzolo, Campus Return to Work coordinator: "I find that most employees would like to be back at work and feeling productive. RTW coordinators can assist departments in developing a formal program that can foster consistency in the way return to work is facilitated and help identify creative, collaborative solutions to bringing staff members back while recovering."

Sara Stephens, Health System Return to Work coordinator: "We know from research that early return to work aids in recovery. In addition, most employees recognize the benefits of participating in the Return to Work Program. Not only does it allow them to remain engaged in the workplace through meaningful work, it also helps them to understand the breadth of daily activities and individual contributions that help create the ideal patient care experience at UMHS."