Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Thursday, August 15, 2013

East Quad project highlights

Highlights of the renovations at East Quad and the Residential College include:

• The interior corridor facing the north courtyard has been opened up to create a two-level atrium. The lower level houses classrooms, studios, faculty offices and the Keene Theater.

  EQ room

A look at one of the rooms in the renovated East Quad residence hall. (Photo by Martin Vloet, Michigan Photography)

• A former entrance on East University Avenue has been closed and replaced by large glass windows to create a new community space and open up the corridor between the residential Community Center and the academic learning program offices.

• A new art gallery with pivoting exhibit walls is now adjacent to the Benzinger Library.

• A new extended-hours cafe has been created between the art gallery and the dining hall.

• A new conference room has been created across from the Greene Lounge, separated by a glass wall that allows exterior light from the north courtyard to stream into the lounge.

• The residential front desk area has been reconfigured to provide an open Community Center that leads to the main Madrigal Lounge. An adjacent community kitchen is available to residents.

• Two separate dining rooms have been joined and reconfigured to create a single dining facility. It offers a varied menu at several stations including vegetarian and vegan choices and locally grown and produced foods. Seating accommodates up to 340. There also is an adjoining private dining room.

• Sustainability features include low-flow showers and toilets to reduce water consumption; occupancy sensors in common areas, student bathrooms, learning spaces and offices to reduce demand on lighting and central air handling units; and opening up interior spaces and adding windows to harvest natural light.